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15 With ArtbyQuinn_

ArtByQuinn_ Instagram

When did your passion for art start?

When I was younger I always wanted to be the creative type. Throughout elementary, I would draw for hours, trying to be a dope traditional artist. In high school I finally tapped into the pencil and paper type art, but it didn’t interest me as much anymore. But a year later I found a graphic design class and I’ve been in love with it ever since.


Who or what inspired you to become an artist?

I’m from New Orleans & to me, New Orleans is full of culture from art, to music, to architecture. For me, being brought up around all that creativity, it made me want to be that type of special... New Orleans special.


How did you develop your unique style of drawing?

I started online classes at Full Sail University and once I got my MacBook, I just started messing with Adobe illustrator on my own before I got to the class to show me how to use it, and that early practice made me better.


Do you find it easier to become an artist with the new technologies In Digital art?

It was much simpler then using a pencil and paper, I feel the technology we have in this era is amazing and if you have the time and patience to develop the skills, anyone can do it.


Do you only do character pieces?

I do characters and real people. I’m having thoughts of doing places and graphic decor, but I haven’t acted on those ideas yet.


What has been the most challenging thing about putting your art out into the world for judgment?

The challenging thing about that is getting it to the masses, getting that audience to like or follow what I do. So I’ve been researching hashtags for not just my art page, but also for other pages I run or help run like The Ranger Vault.


Do you think social media is the best place for marketing yourself & content?

I do, social media is the tool that most of the world use.


Do you find it harder to get your art supported by the general public being a black artist that creates black art?

Yeah, not just because I’m black, but I’m a black street like nerd. I feel like my mixed interest would make people look at me differently like oh he does dope art but why are there power rangers here and rappers there... I feel like they’re looking for the connection, but the connection or glue is me.


What advice would you give up and coming artists?

My advice is to be yourself and master your craft. That’s how you reach your biggest potential.


Your page on Instagram has a love of art covering Power Rangers, when did your love for PR begin and why are they a focal point in your art?

I feel like I was born with Power Rangers in 93.. Power Rangers has always been apart of me. I love all the suit designs and helmets, I just love doing ranger pieces.


50 percent of your art pieces are of Hip Hop based artist, are these pieces that speak to you the most?

Hip hop is a top priority to me, I’m also a music artist but I love creating art of those artists who inspire me.


What are you saying through your art?

Street art and geek life can mix, those elements matter in life. Not everything is traditional or “normal”.


What’s your main goal/dream to fulfill throughout your art career?

To master my craft and create a business that put art on clothing if I can.


What has/will be the most important piece of art you will/have ever create/created?

I got to say my Hot Boyz piece. I enjoyed putting that together, they started as individual pieces and I put them together.


What is the one thing you want to be remembered for?

To be honest, I just want to be known as someone who did something while he was here, time is and should be precious to us all, we're not getting any younger.

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