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15 With Colin AKA Crimson Vision Studios

Instagram ColinTheBlur

On the set of The First Ninja

When did you know you wanted to act?

I was in acting classes and plays as a kid, but I went the jock route during high school and it completely derailed any thought of acting. It wasn’t until I got out there and started filming with my friends, that I began to really want to get better and be considered an actor. I don’t think I had my first line until Episode 3 of our first series! Haha. Now, I’m hooked! I couldn’t imagine my life without it.


When did you land your 1st major audition?

To be perfectly honest, I have always just created my own series/opportunities with my team and cast myself. Haha! The only thing I actually auditioned for was Video Game High School Season 2. And I got a non-speaking role in episode 1. But I am totally down to audition for roles in the future.


Has YouTube played a huge part in your career?

Yeah, absolutely. All of social media is a huge part of what we do. If you make content people like, you get views. If you get views, you get opportunities. But at the end of the day, the opportunities and the friends I’ve made through these videos are definitely the best part. And I believe that’s all thanks to YouTube.


What was the 1st project you worked on?

Oh, man. A very, very bad promo video for a comic book website. But back then, no one was really doing superhero web series or fan films. So we thought we were soooo cool. Haha. We turned that one promo video into a full series. It’s deleted off of the internet. You can’t find it. Don’t try…


Who or what inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Well, I went to my first comic convention back in 07. I’ve been a huge nerd my whole life, but I kept it secret because I cared way too much about what people thought about me. But when I walked through those doors and saw a giant room of all the things I loved, I knew I wanted to work in the industry. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do! But after our first video, I knew. I fell in love with filmmaking.


What’s the hardest part about having a YouTube career?

Well, I wouldn’t say a career. I have a day job! Luckily, it’s still super nerdy. But the hardest part about putting out content ON YouTube is scheduling. And also working without a budget. But once you get the schedule down and you have everything you need for the video…it’s so rewarding. It’s all worth it.


What would you say to your younger self starting out in this business knowing what you know now?

Don’t rush things. Always have a backup plan. Surround yourself with people who believe in your vision. Also…STRETCH!!! Stretching will save your back!


Do you find it difficult being creative when your work is harshly criticized?

No, haha. Reverse Flash: Origins gave me pretty thick skin. It’s gotten to the point where I just want to tell untold stories. And from Reverse Flash to Power Rangers, we’ve been decently accepted. Power Ranger fans are way nicer than Flash fans though. Haha!


Reverse Flash, Power Rangers, Arrow, etc. are all projects you’re working on, how do you balance the weight of time & creative juices that are needed to be present mentally for all projects?

Well luckily, with Reverse Flash and Arrow, we have NerdBot on our side. They’re an amazing company with awesome people who believe in our shows. But for Power Rangers, it was just Sean and me trying to put all of this together. Then Shattered Past came around and we assembled the best ragtag production team a guy could ask for. So to answer your question…it takes a village.


What do you do to clear your mind in downtime?

When I’m not working or filming, I’m either out socializing or being extremely lazy. I don’t think my mind ever really clears. Poor Sean…I used to text him so many ideas. All-day. Or we’re out at the bar and we just do a hundred “What If” scenarios. haha


What’s one thing you want to tell the world with your stories?

Man, this is a great question. I think that something I try to express through my writing is that there is always more than meets the eye. Just because you know one story doesn’t mean you know the whole story. That’s why when we do these series, it’s always something that you’ve never had explained. I LOVE THAT.


You have Warner Brothers & Disney knocking at your door to work with them, who do you talk to and who do you let walk away?

Disney can beat it. They’re already taking over the world. I think Warner Bros. might need a little help. hahaha


With the news of a new Reboot film coming from Hasbro and Paramount, what do you think they need to improve on to make this attempt a success?

Honestly, we have like 27 seasons, tons of comic books, fan films, and other expansions of a timeless series. I think it’s time to leave Mighty Morphin’ behind. Let the past be the past. I’m ready for something new or at least a different season. Maybe a world where the Power Rangers were real and everyone thought they were gone. Then BOOM! New team. That’s what I would love.


Should Hasbro and other major IP holders look at what fan-created content is doing to get an inside look at what the fans like?

I think they should give fan-made content a chance. We’re not making money. Just making a different form of art. BOOM!, Hyper Force, and Unworthy are all examples of quality content that could be made canon. Maybe First Ninja and Shattered Past too…


When you leave this earth, what’s the one thing you want to be remembered for?

Inspiring creativity. My creativity was hindered because I was worried about being cool or accepted. If I can get people to watch what we do and say, “I want to do that. I’m going to do that.” Then I’ll be a happy ghost.


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