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15 With Patrick AKA Psycho Red

Instagram ThePsychoRed

When did you realize you wanted to become an actor?

When I was a child, watching other kids my age having adventures in movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET, etc.


What was your 1st audition & how was that process?

My first audition was for a Burger King commercial. There were four of us kids lined up.. and the casting director simply asked us to tell a joke on camera. Any joke. I’m sure they just wanted to see our personalities. I booked it. It split into 2 commercials, went international, and I bought my first car at 15 with my earnings.


You have many credits to your resume with Power Rangers In Space being the latter. Which one has been the most significant to you?

If you are referring to IMDB… don’t. They are missing many projects, and some are incomplete. I was working in the industry for 10 years before I booked PR. I was on 6 dance shows for about 5 years straight from the age of 15. Also modeling, commercials, music videos and I even danced in Vegas for a year from age 19-20.

After a number of years, I made the decision to focus just on acting. I landed my first starring role as Olympic Diver Greg Louganis. I booked PR immediately after. The tie is between the Louganis film, and the Western I starred in with the legend David Carradine, called By Dawn’s Early Light.


Being raised in Los Angeles Ca, has the city of glitz and glamor curve your curiosity into the arts?

I’m not sure I understand the question. But, working so much at an early age, and having legendary producer Dick Clark ( who hosted American Bandstand. The first show I was on for 5 years ) as my first mentor. I was blessed to have all access to all of the shows he produced.

The parties as well. American Music Awards, The Grammy’s, MTV, etc. So I was not only blessed to meet a variety of entertainers... but I was inspired as well.


Being cast as Psycho Red in Power Rangers In Space (PRIS), did you know that your character would go down in PR history as one of the most badass characters?

Not a clue. I thought that I only had a part in a kid's show.


Were you aware of the success of PR before your role as Psycho Red?

Yes, the show was huge. I was not as familiar with PR in Space when I auditioned.. but yes I was very excited. I had auditioned more than once, and I also auditioned for the Red Ranger. I guess I made a better villain.


Did you always want to be an entertainer?

Always. I was a very outgoing child and put on plays for my family.


What’s the one thing you want to say with your art as Patrick David

That I love a challenge.


You are visited by a young Patrick for guidance, what would you say to young Patrick who’s afraid of what’s to come in life?

Just keep working hard at what you enjoy. When it’s not fun anymore.. move on.


In 1988 you were a dancer in Kids Incorporated. Was dance always your passion or was it a Segway into the entertainment industry?

I only had a guest spot on that show. But, the show I was a lead on for 2 years was a show called Videopolis, on the Disney Channel. Our studio was next to Kids Inc, and we all knew each other. That show was more significant to me.

I was invited to American Bandstand before I knew how to dance. I just wanted to be on tv. Videopolis and the others followed, I took classes and began to book more dance gigs. So yes.. dance was my entrance into the business.


Being in the PR family as an iconic character Psycho Red, how has your experience at the PR cons been?

I just started last year. It took a bit of getting used to. It’s still a bit overwhelming, but I hang in there in order to meet the Ranger fans.


What would be the title of your life’s story when you leave this earth?

OMG... I have no idea. Y’all come up with something, lol.



Do you think that being cast in a children’s show typed cast you in a hole of sorts?

It did not, because my agent didn’t allow it on my resume and reel. As mentioned, I just started booking serious lead roles. Even my dance credits were not on my resume.


What advice would you give to a new talent trying to break into the entertainment business?

I have since retired from acting, but one important thing I have learned is to be an honest actor, dancer.. whatever. Use your body and talent to tell the story “honestly” if you know what I mean. Honest emotions. That’s what grabs the heart of the audience and casting directors. Do your homework.

Watch award-winning performances and understand why they are award-winning and captivating. And, don’t give up on yourself. Lots of times you may not book a roll, simply because you were not the right height, or maybe looked like someone else that was previously cast. Whatever you want to achieve, you can.


Being a veteran within the entertainment business, do you think social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc) is a good place to scout talent?

Yes. There are a lot of hard-working, dedicated and talented people out there and I am constantly amazed.



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