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15 With Zordon

Instagram David J Fielding

How was the audition process for Power Rangers & was Zordon the only character you auditioned for?

The audition process was unusual in that it differed so much from what the other actors had to go through. They had weeks of intense physical and performative auditions, whereas I was brought in to the Saban building to read in front of the cast, director and producers. They cast the role that day and we filmed him the following week.


Did you think Power Rangers would be as big as it is and was?

I had no idea how big it would become. I knew they had a toy line to go along with it, but my knowledge of Saturday morning kids shows was that they faded after a few years – obviously, that isn’t the case with Power Rangers 😊


How has the entertainment industry changed your views on the art/business aspect?

I guess it hasn’t really? It’s a very dog-eat-dog industry so you have to have a thick skin to begin with. You have to participate in it because you can’t see yourself doing anything else and have the understanding that you can work for twenty or thirty years and never achieve success. A lot of factors have to come together, at the right time, and no small amount of luck as well, in addition to having talent and skill in order to “make it”.


What did you do after your run on Power Rangers?

I moved back to the East Coast and did voices for radio and TV commercials as well as video games. I worked in the video game industry for over a decade as a voice artist and designer.


After you left PR, did you keep up with the series after MMPR?

I did not. I assumed it would fade like other kid shows. It wasn’t until I got onto Facebook and started to get random messages about the show that I researched it and found out that it was still ongoing.


Many rumors are saying Zordon is still out there after the events of PR In Space, what do you think he is doing now?

I’d like to think he is resting somewhat, but still vigilant and ready if the Morphin Grid ever calls him back to action.


Even though you only voiced Zordon in season one, your face was still used throughout the series until in space. Did you receive some type of payment for your likeness being still used?

No, I didn’t. As we filmed the pilot as a non-union gig, they owned/still own the rights to the footage that was shot – which means they could use it and re-use it as they saw fit without having to provide any compensation. Welcome to Hollywood 😊


If Zordon was to ever return, would you answer the call to being the great and wise sage again?

It all depends on if the story and script are right and if the current producers wish to include me or recast the role.


How did you feel about Zordon’s sacrifice scene in power rangers in space, did you think his legacy ended on a high note?

I do. I thought they handled his sacrifice with a lot of grace and dignity.


How does it feel to know your character has been a positive role model for so many young viewers, even to this day?

It’s very humbling to know that he continues to inspire and encourage. Zordon is unique as a mentor because he was unable or unwilling to step in and fight alongside the Rangers. I think that’s a strong message for those young people that watch it, to know and understand that they have someone behind them who is unfailingly supportive, all the while telling them “You can do this. I know you can. You are strong enough, powerful enough and I believe in you.”


With so many new children shows airing now being female-centric, do you think that the lack of positive male mentors today would hurt the overall male perspective?

No. I’m not a believer in the “battle of the sexes” mentality that’s hung around for the last fifty years or so, creating division and keep us mired in the antiquated notion that ‘this sex is better than that sex’ at certain things or certain roles. What matters is the message being delivered, the overall sense of positive encouragement and trust that the mentor instills in those who choose to stand in harm’s way. I would hope that men and boys can look up to a female leader and learn the same things as they would from anyone else. I do believe there is a lot of toxic thinking out there that wants to keep things stagnant, is dismissive of change and is born out of a fear of being left behind or weak. I would hope that we grow beyond the ‘traditional’ roles we assign one another and treat each other with equality, to know that we are more alike than we are different.


How has your experience at Cons been that you are the one who basically created the teenagers with attitude lol?

I always tell everyone it’s my fault 😊 I always looked at it this way: Attitude doesn’t mean, sulky or moody, it doesn’t mean difficult or unwilling to listen – Attitude is the belief in one’s self and the strength and courage to stand up for those that can’t stand for themselves – to protect others.


Why do you think Zordon chose children to fight an evil space witch and not trained fighters like the army or navy seals?

I think because, deep down, Zordon always believed that Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire, etc. needed to be afforded the chance to see the futility and senselessness of their destructive nature’s – and to be taught, not destroyed. Zordon is on the side of life and light, not death and decimation. Had he called upon the military, the end goal would have been a scorched earth type campaign, eradicating the enemy and consigning them to oblivion – and how would that make him any better than the evil he was standing up to?


With the 2017 reboot film retelling of the MMPR story, how did you like the retcon of Zordon’s and Rita’s relationship being former rangers?

I loved it. I thought it made sense that Zordon would have put himself in harm’s way alongside other Rangers. I also thought it was great that he lost sight of that once awakened and was so focused on solving the problem that he forgot what it means to be of service rather than to just stomp out the problem.


When you leave this world, what would be the one thing you want to be remembered for?

To be honest? More than just Power Rangers. 😊 I just hope that I leave the world better than the way I found it – though at times that seems like an impossibility these days. I would I hope I would be remembered fondly, as someone who helped, rather than harmed.


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