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A Mighty Morphin Auction!

On December 1, 2018 a Tv treasures auction will be held on Valencia, California. If you are not from the area dont let that scare you the auction will be broadcast. The shows at the center of the auction are X-FILES, Charmed, Wonder Woman, Lois and Clark, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Yes you read that right Production worn items from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be up for auction.

Some of the items from the hit 90s kids show include

Jason's production worn helmet, they do have chips and scratches with makes it even more sentimental, starting bid for the production worn helmet is $3000.


The next item up for auction is Zacks production worn helmet with chips and scratches, starting bid for Zacks helmet is $3000

Jasons red sleeveless hoodie production worn kept in excellent condition the starting bid for this is $300.00

Zacks black and multi-colored striped shirt also production worn is starting at $300.00

Billys blue striped shirt production worn is starting at $300

Trinis yellow top and matching shorts production worn starting at $300.00

Everyone remembers the pink crop top that Kimberly wore, that is also up for auction the starting bid for that is $300


It is estimated that the two helmets are going to get between $6000-$8000 during the auction! Dont worry you have plenty of time to save your money for the auction it doesnt start until December 1st.

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