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Animation Vs Live Action

With Hasbro taking over the brand a few things have been mentioned, an animated series would be the way moving forward rather than a live action. Now I have two thoughts on this. One yes it would be good for the brand and two only if it's not in the same universe as the canon Power Rangers series. Let me explain, as I have your ear or is it eye ????, anyway the main time line where the series happens stays the same but the animation universe, I like the idea of an animated universe but one that's separate as you can tell many different stories with it. Live action can carry on as normal but I don't think Hasbro would go straight to animation mainly because for the large amount of money spent on the brand. It makes more sense to continue with what they have planned with the franchise as well as keeping their contract with Toei etc. They have a lot planned and to be honest most of the footage filmed, they should be set for a long time and just add in what they need.

The jump to animation would be perfect for its own thing, have a look at say the transformers cartoons, or even other things such as DC or Marvel. One thing I would love to see loads of different live action movies and animated series. Could you imagine something where all the rangers had to come together for a big problem, or say they wanted to make shattered grid. Could you imagine the cross overs as well? That would be amazing. One thing that would be interesting to see would be that the Rangers (now) being voiced by the rangers cast? that would be weird to see but it would be amazing as well. I would love to see a DC style animated series or film series that would be something amazing, fun and different. What are your thoughts on this one? Would you like to see the rangers move into animation or the idea of both universes? Let me know in the comments

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