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Beast Morphers and why it's so great!

Beast Morphers

So I didn't think that Beast Morphers would be one of my top seasons, Everyone knows that I love Zeo, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force etc but why is Beast Morphers up there with the great seasons? Well lend me your ear or in this case eyes and let me talk about a few of the points in this. When we all found out that Hasbro had taken over the brand we thought that it would carry on like the previous seasons and have nothing happen at all. It would be a boring story line, characters would be the same and nothing would stand out. Just look at what we were promised in the other seasons. But boy were we all wrong. The season is great, the characters are all different, we've not seen character growth so quickly in any of the other series. In the first episode you had heart brake where Ravi brakes up with Roxy due to rules. Then you have two evil rangers that are thrown in at the beginning. No sentai footage used at all and a story that makes you want to watch more and more. You have evil rangers where you don't hate but you want them to kind of win and yet you have a cheeky side to them. Bad guys that don't just talk and fail they get the job done. Get that piece of equipment bam teleported out before the rangers can stop them. Make a monster bam it's done. These evil rangers are amazing. You also have the evil rangers trick the rangers, disable their gear and were still only 5 episodes in. I've not seen something like this happen in a long time. One thing I wanted to bring up is that in episode 4 Roxy manipulates her former boyfriend into doing what she wants, That has never happened in any of the series to the point where it's in your face. The only thing that could have been done better would be that the audience don't know about it and it was a shock , etc. Now we've also got rangers that have weaknesses which again has never really been touched upon. We've not had a megazord yet just zords and the most important thing is that we've not had much sentai footage at all used. I would say about maybe 2 minutes and that's spread over 5 episodes. That to me is very impressive. Beast Morphers has the ability to make sure that it can be a great series and it can be up there with the best of them. MMPR, Time Force, RPM , etc. So to me Beast Morphers is one of my favorite series and it's only been 5 episodes so far as of the time of writing this. So what's your favorite series? What are your thoughts on Beast Morphers? Let me know

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