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Round of applause for this season, from the start, the season was amazing. Everything about this season was constant call backs to MMPR. 3 teenagers with attitude, breakfast club sort of deal where they all had detention. The first two episodes were called the day of the dino! I mean if that isnt a call back i dont know what is.


The white ranger story arc was symbolic to the green with evil story arc, but had much more personal stakes when it was shown that Mesagog was Trents father. The white dino ranger was powerful, extremely fast, and beat the rangers numerous times! Later in the season he became a very decent ally to the ranger team. But his story arc was one of the best because he had a constant battle within himself to distinguish himself from his father.


One of the best episodes was when the rangers discovered Tommys past. About how Dr O was a legend. Tommy had a decent story arc about embracing the future and letting the ghosts from the past lay to rest. The fighting Spirit he fought himself in his Zeo Ranger 5, White tiger, and Dragonzord in an epic showdown for the black dino gem.


The biggest homeage to the MMPR squad was the rangers. Ethan the blue tricera ranger. He was book smart, he knew technology and helped with the command center. He paid his respects to the great Billy Cranston by being the new aged Billy. Conner was a little different from his predecessor Jason, he was a soccer jock and jerk, but Conner worked hard to become a great leader and red ranger. Keira took the pterodactyl powers with pride and made them her own.

Overall Dino Thunder was a 9/10 in my book with all the call backs and homages to the original team.

What are your thoughts on Dino Thunder?

If you could change one thing about dinothunder what would it be and why?

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