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Updated: May 24, 2020


A vibrating entity drains all the power from the city driving it into darkness in every sense of the word. The citizens of Angel Grove darkest nightmares became reality when ever they came in contact with the dark aura moving through the city, or someone already affected by it. This broke out all types of hell in the city. Looting, vandalism, rape, and murder was all to normal in Angel Grove for weeks.

The government sent the Army, Navy Seals, Homeland Security, anyone that could help this city but neither could enter from a surrounding dome of negative energy that corrupts anything that touches it. The President of the United States ordered a quarantine to keep the darkness from becoming widespread after many of the sent help became corrupted.

The power coins awakened in search of new host to protect the nexus to the morphing grid located in Angel Grove park from the corrupting darkness. The power coins finds 3 new hosts, Ryan Kwan, Calvin Taylor, and Christina Heart as RED, BLACK, and YELLOW coin bearers. The remaining GREEN, BLUE, and PINK coins are corrupted by the Vibrating as they searched for their new host. The new team of Rangers are out in the city trying to fight back the darkness.

Can they support each other with new untested unknown powers????? Can they save Angel Grove from total darkness and disruption????

They are the DinoLegacy

Coming Exclusively to The Ranger Vault website 9/1/19


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