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DinoLegacy Chapter Three: Ryan Kwan​

Updated: May 24, 2020

10:30 am Angel Grove Legal Offices  

“Okay something happened to the files on the Rodgers case and we need to find them Now!” Ryan addresses the legal team. A team member cuts-in “where do we even begin to look?”, Ryan looks at the notes and logins on all team members working the Rodgers case. “As of now, we are in total lockdown. No one in or out until they’re cleared. A full sweep of everyone’s computers and cellphones”. The same team member cuts-in again. “You can’t do that, that’s an invasion of our rights!”. Ryan looks directly at the team member. “Our company, my company, supplies the computers and cellphones we use no?!, then I can search all I choose”.

“Now hand over all phones, laptops, iPads, smartwatches, and badges over to the security team”. “The sweep starts now!”. As the security team runs the sweep, Ryan gets a message from his secretary on his personal phone, “You have a call on line 1”, “ ok thank you” he replies. Walking out of the office into the next room over, he takes the call on the business line. “Ryan Kwan, Attorney at Law”, “I just love when you get all professional and shit”, “gets me going every time” Delvin replies. Smiling hard, Ryan replies “Where the hell are you papa?”, “I think we have a mole on the Rodgers case”. “We’re doing a sweep of everyone’s computers and everything”. “I know, already one step ahead of you babe”, “I got wind of a potential leak when a colleague went to a third party private investigator to check out the insurance company in question, but what they found was a dead end so I followed up on the insurance company and wouldn’t you like to know?!”, Ryan says sarcastically “I bet you’re going to make me beg?”, “Yep,” Delvin replies. “Oh Mr. Delvin, I’m on my knees begging you, oh Daddy tell me please!” Ryan says annoyed yet amused. Laughing hysterically, Delvin gives up the information. “The files were downloaded onto an off-site mobile until from the computer in room ............”. “Hello?????, Delvin????” Ryan calls. 

Ryan checks the phone and sees it has no power. Ryan walks over to the door to exit the room but the door has locked do to a safety protocol being activated before the power failure. Ryan tries to open the door with an override on the key system but he turned in his badge to the security team. He begins knocking on the door to see if anyone can hear him knocking. “Hello, Ms. Woods, can you hear me?!”. He takes out his phone to check it one more time. “Damn,” He says out of frustration. Looking over out the window he sees dark clouds and a humming sound approaching from the sky as he backs up from the window. The room's windows shatter as a vibrating aura enters the room with Ryan. Confused and frightened, Ryan turns to the door trying to open it. “You are one of the before,” the vibrating aura says in a dark distorted tone. Scared and shocked Ryan responds “what are you?”, the aura approaches Ryan, “your end” it responds. Clinching onto Ryan’s body, entering into his pores as vibrating darkness surrounds the area, the occupants of the building began to transform into corrupted as the darkness takes over. 

AhhhAhhhhh!!!!!! Ryan screams as the Vibration consumes him. “Take this and call upon the Great Power Of The Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus. Be transformed and protected. A Guardian, A Warrior, A Ranger”. Ryan trusting this voice reaches out his hand and the Power Coin of the Tyrannosaurus lands on him. “TYRANNOSAURS” he commands as the vibrating aura is pulled out of him by a force of Red energy & Roar! Of the Great TREX explodes from him Morphing him into the Red Tyrannosaurus Power Ranger. As the vibrating aura is pushed backward out of the window, Ryan is standing Powered Up and ready for battle. “Hello Ryan Kwan of Earth, I am your Ranger Artificial Intelligence. Alpha 9”. “What the fuck!” Ryan thinks to himself. “I am downloading the ranger archives for Dino Red Now, are you ready?”. Before Ryan could answer Alpha 9 says, “Now Uploading Red Ranger database into your DNA makeup”. All past Red Tyrannosaurus Rangers battles and experiences uploaded into Ryan’s brain all at once within 2 seconds. “The pounding headache will pass,” Alpha 9 says,

“Now Ready for transport”. “Wait what?” Ryan questions. Before Ryan could gain any composure, he is teleported out into the sky in a bolt of red lightning coming from the window, piercing through the vibrating aura as the lightning sends Ryan towards Angel Grove High. 

As the sky clears and settles, the vibrating aura reforms as darkness and winds so thick comes together with the surrounding debris creating a physical form it can mold into. The corrupted from the surrounding area all walk out into the streets below worshipping, staring up at their God, The Vibration. “Rise, my children, it’s time to take back this world. Send it back into total darkness, it’s perfect form”. The corrupted all screech in a distorted tone as a wave of negative energy washes over Angel Grove in a vibrating hum, concealing it in a dome of darkness. “Now find me the nexus point!” He commands the corrupted floating above. 


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