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DinoLegacy Chapter Four: The Nexus Point

Updated: May 24, 2020

Deep in the earth at the center of Angel Grove park, the nexus to the Morphin Grid lies dormant. The nexus as been located here since the Power crystals fell to earth millions of years ago creating an access point to the Power Rangers Morphin Grid (power source). The origins of the morphing grid are still unknown but, the forces of good have tapped into its core to combat those who want to corrupt its power for their own will. A great wizard from the planet Eltar was taught to harness the power of the grid by 3 sages only known as the 3 throughout the galaxies. Zordon along with his younger sister Rita Repulsa, trained under the 3 and created 5 power coins from the Grid’s crystals that will tap into the morphing grid energy and transform the coin bearers into a fighting force of the most powerful creatures known to their origins.

The Morphing Grid is made up of many crystals, each broken up into classifications, Ranks. 

Rank 1: The strongest as it’s the crystal making the most contact with the raw energy. 

Rank 2, 3, & 4: Encased in an outer shell in trios, these crystals are of shared power. They are strongest when together. 

Rank 5: These crystals are rare and have untapped potential as they are buried under the grid. These crystals are only created by the grid when the other 4 ranked have matured. Rank 5 crystals can directly affect the power levels of the other crystals by enhancing their Morphing Grid energy intake. 

The crystals taken from each rank will be formed into power coins that the bearers can harness. 

The coin bearers are chosen with the purest in heart and will from different planets across the vast universe. Each bearer has been given a coin that represents their traits.

Rank 1 Red: Strong and Wise. Squad lead. 

Rank 2 Blue: Strategic and Honorable. Squad strategist and tech support expert. 

Rank 3 Black: Powerful and Kind. Squad stealth infiltration lead. 

Rank 4 Yellow: Empathetic and Confident. Squad communications expert. 

Rank 5 Pink: Welcoming and Tough. Squad ambassador and weapons expert. 

The coin bearers will represent the forces of light throughout the universe as a beacon of hope. Zordon and Rita were tasked with being mentors to the chosen bearers whenever they were called upon. With the coin bearers notoriety rising, Rita began to fall in love with the attention and power she gained by being the bearers mentor, but she was quickly overlooked by Zordon and the team of coin bearers who gained a lot of praise by the universe's inhabitants, while Rita gained nothing but small acknowledgments for being Zordon’s little sister. This enraged Rita as she is seen as anything less than a great wizard, equal to that of the “Great Zordon”. 

Hatred and jealousy soon filled the spot once filled with love. This pushed her further away from her brother and the coin bearers driving her into depression and self-loathing. Rita began to resent Zordon as he became so obsessed with fame, he began overworking the team of bearers sending them to many planets throughout the galaxy, stretching the team resources, dividing the team up, sending each bearer to battle a threat alone. Rita saw a distance grow within the team between Zordon and the bearers. She used this to manipulate the coin bearers against Zordon and appoint herself head mentor but none would go against him. The Red bearer addressed the issue stating that he knows Zordon has been stressing the team but not for personal reasons, but the greater good. “It’s so much darkness in the galaxy but only 5 of us”. “Zordon is doing everything he can to help stall the darkness in its tracks, but we can only do so much”. “We don’t have enough power, we need help, we need more bearers”. 

Rita saw this as an opportunity to introduce a little something she had up her sleeve. “While my brother had you all scattered across the universe fighting, putting your lives on the line while he bathed in the glory”, I’ve used two of the crystals in the Grid’s chambers and infused them together with chaos magic”. “Making it even more powerful than your rank 1 crystal”. The Red coin bearer asks “how can anything be more powerful than a rank 1 crystal”? “Rank 1 & 5 fearless leader”. She stares into Red’s eyes as she sees clouds of doubt fill them. Casting a spell, knocking out the coin bearers. Rita forces the Red, Blue, and Yellows bearers power coins to break their bond with their bearers genetic makeup and form with her chaos magic making a new Green Power Coin. “Rita, what have you done”? Zordon asks as he is teleported to the morphing grid chambers by the grid itself. Zordon looking at the lifeless bodies of the Red, Blue, and Yellow coin bearers, he blasts Rita away from the coin bearers. “I’m so sorry,” he says holding Red. “What happened,” coin bearer Pink asks as she awakes. 

Backing up in fear from what she is witnessing, she attacks Zordon out of confusion. “Wait... stop, you don’t know what you are doing” Zordon explains to bearer Pink. “You killed them” she shouts as she continues her assault on Zordon.

Hearing this and seeing his teammate attack Zordon as he awakes, coin bearer Black begins attacking Zordon as well. “You always wanted the power for yourself, you will pay for this” bearer Black states as he lands a devastating blow to Zordon sending him flying backward into the walls of the chamber. 

Rita using this to her will, she attacks Zordon pinning him to the wall. “You see, I told you”. “He was manipulating us all”. “You’re twisting my...” before Zordon could finish, Rita silences him with a spell. With Black and Pink Standing with Rita unaware of her manipulation, Zordon casts a silent spell to communicate with Rita mentally. “Why are you doing this, you are my sister, I know you think what you are doing is right, but it’s not”. “You don’t know anything, you always shunned me”. “We both were chosen by the 3 to create the coin bearers but you acted like you were the only one”. Rita pulls out the Green power coin. “Look what you’ve done. You created your own coin to morph yourself into a coin bearer” she says out loud. 

“They won’t trust you in the end. All of this will be for nothing” he says mentally. “They will worship me like the God that I am, and so will you” she replies. “Now bow and I’ll let these two live” she demands mentally as she freezes the Pink and Black coin bearers in place. While Rita was making her demands, she was oblivious to Zordon’s plan. Keeping her distracted, Zordon cast a summoning spell for the 3. “We the 3 have saw and seen what your heart feeds, a power that it does not deserve”. “We the 3 have trusted that our teachings would cleanse the, we were wrong”. “We the 3 washes A new, Rita Repulsa will face judgment” they stated. At that moment Rita shouts in disgust. “NEVER!, you made me who I am, now you want to take what was given”. “I am more powerful than all of you”. Silence! the 3 commanded. Within the blink of an eye, the room fell dark and almost distorted like on another plane of existence. “Noooooooooo!” Rita cries out. “You won’t judge me!”. “We will not, he will” the 3 stated focused on Zordon. 

“What will be the punishment?” The 3 asked Zordon as they set on 3 throne-like chairs surrounding them. Rita looks at Zordon with tears in her eyes as her big brother gets ready to pass judgment on her. “It’s me?... Rita... your baby sister” she says to Zordon reaching out her hand for comfort. Zordon looks at Rita as if they were back on Eltar playing in the evergreen grass fields as children. As he takes her hand he reminds her, “I will always love you, you will always be my little sister, but when one of us falls, the other picks us up”. He smiles at Rita and she smiles back feeling assured that her brother will not judge her. “But you have fallen so deep that I cannot see you anymore”, “you will be judged today” he states with pain in his voice. Rita pulls her hand away and stares at Zordon. “What will be your judgment,” the 3 asked Zordon. 

As Zordon stare back at his little sister Rita, he remembers a time they were playing good guy bad guy, he took down and defeated the bad guy. “Ok Rita, you going to jail now!” Kid Zordon says to kid Rita. “Nooooooo!, I’m too bad to go to jail” kid Rita says laughing at Zordon. “Awe, ok”. Zordon says to his little sister. Rita looks at him and smiles. “But you will pay!” Zordon yells as he picks up Rita and begins to tickle her. “THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT. BAD GUY!” He says in a deep kid voice trying to sound menacing. They both erupt into laughter as they hug each other as they lay in the fields. “Hey dinners ready, Come eat” their mom yelled from their home just over the hill. “Ooook!” Rita yells back. “Haha, you’re always so loud,” Zordon says to Rita tickling her. As the two get up to walk home for dinner Rita stops and takes Zordon hand. “Would you ever put me in jail Zordon?” She asks him. He looks down at her and said “you’re my baby sister. Would you put me in Jail?” He asks her back. She stares for a little bit. 

“No. Never,” Zordon stares back at her then replies while kneeling so she can get on his back for a piggyback ride. “If one of us ever fall, the other would pick us up. Deal?”. Rita looks at him from behind. “It’s a yes or no question,” she says laughing. Zordon looks forward and begins to walk them home. “I’ll never abandon you,” he says. Rita hugs her brother from the back tightly while taking comfort in her hero, her protector, her brother. 

Zordon awakens from his daydream to see Rita there with her head low and tears in her eyes. He reaches out his hand towards Rita but she mutters under her voice “you broke your promise, you left me, you broke me”. She looks at Zordon who now has tears in his eyes. “I will not judge you,” he thought to himself. But before he could say it to Rita directly, Rita rages out. “YOU WILL NOT JUDGE ME!”. As she cries out feeling betrayed, the chaos magic from within her comes out in a violent wave of energy, crashing the judging plane the 3 created.

Now back in the grid chambers, the Pink and Black coin bearers are blasted back and demorphed by the force of Rita’s power. Zordon gets up and tries to restrain Rita with a binding spell but she shatters it with ease. The 3 shoots a powerful ray of energy at Rita to combat the chaos magic surrounding her but Rita has become too powerful for such attacks. She turns her attention to Zordon launching at him catching him by the throat. 

“The Mighty Zordon, oh how we fall,” she says slamming Zordon into the ground with chaos magic. The Green power coin appeared hovering over Rita. She turns to the 3 as the power coin floats down to her chest morphing her into the Green Chaos Coin Bearer. “You Want My Power!, HERE!!!” She commands as she attacks the 3 with chaos magic. The 3 fires back at Rita with a spell not known to even Zordon. “Lights of Orion, Wash the Uncleaned!”

They chanted. As the power from The 3’s attack against Rita’s, the Chaos Magic and Lights of Orion combined with the energy of the Morphing Grid causing an unstable reaction. As The Pink and Black coin bearers jump at Rita to attack her, the room slows as the energy erupts and explodes. Time seems to have stopped at that very moment as Rita is sent flying backwards, her suit is destroyed by the combined energies while she is being encased in a protection field by her chaos magic as the power coin split back into 3. The Pink and Black coin bearers are pushed backwards by the blast towards Zordon. As the bearers veer backwards towards Zordon, the 3 casts a final spell that suspended time for a fraction of a second. 

“The choice is yours, but he is our only hope”. “The chaos magic and lights of Orion mixed with the morphing grid causing the core of our planet to rupture and explode”. “We do not have enough energy to teleport everyone off of this planet, but we have enough for one”. “We believe Zordon is the key to saving all that is pure”. “He will one day eradicate the darkness”. “That is his fate”. Understanding what is asked of them, the remaining coin bearers released their bond to the coins and sent their energy to the 3. “The Universe will hear of the heroes who gave their lives for them”. As the 3 gather all of the strength and energy they have, they cast a spell that encased Zordon in a protection field of energy as the 5 power coins surround him forming a protective shield around him. 

As the 5 coins lock into place securing the force of energy, time starts back as the 3 teleports Zordon and the coins off into the vast universe, the planet of Eltar explodes. Rita’s chaos magic protected her as she floats in stasis throughout space. The Morphing Grid chambers fade into another place and time in an unknown reality leaving behind the power crystals that fell from the space once called Eltar. Landing on an unknown planet inhabited by great beasts called Dinosaurs, Zordon’s energy was picked up on the scanner of a scrapper ship near the planet Edenoi. “What is it?” one of the workers on the ship asks. “I don’t know”, “open the bay doors for collection” the commander commands. “Right away commander,” the ship worker says. “Take him to the lab and then you take the crew and head back for Edenoi in the escape pods,” the commander says. “Is everything ok?” the worker asks. “It will be,” the commander says. 

Rita crashes on a cold rocky planet, Earths Moon. Her chaos magic wrapped her in a cocoon of energy keeping her in a stasis like state. Back on Earth sensing Rita, the crystals start to send off a wave of energy matching the energy signal of the power coins. 

This awakens Zordon. “I have to find the crystals”. “I have to find new bearers,” he says looking down to find his body laying on an autopsy table. “What is this?”, “What is going on?”, “Tell me!” he asks with confusion and concern in his voice. “Hello, no need to be concerned”. “Your body was destroyed but your mind wasn’t”. “So I uploaded it into our ships mainframe”. “Ohhhhh! I forgot. I am Alpha 5 of Edenoi”. “I also read your blueprints”. “Blueprints?” Zordon asks. “Your memories”. Alpha replies. “And yeah, we already plotted a course for Earth”. “It should take about..... 2.4 light-years to reach so that gives us plenty of time to learn each other”. “One last thing.... why do you call those heroes coin bearers?” Alpha asks. “Why not just call them Power Rangers”. “They get their powers from Power coins and they Protect and Preserve Life, right?”. “Power Rangers!.... and you’re welcome”. Zordon nods in agreement. “Is this Rita witch really as bad as you think?” Alpha asks Zordon. “I don’t know” he responded.

Zordon remembers the day on Eltar in the evergreen grass fields, “I’ll always pick you up, I’ll never abandon you” as the ship flies on course to Earth. 


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