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DinoLegacy Chapter One: Calvin Taylor

Updated: May 24, 2020

Thursday 10:45 am Angel Grove High

“Hey Mr. Taylor, where were you when the Power Rangers disappeared”?. Mr. Taylor scratches his head. “Uhhh..... I was just a little boy when they vanished”. “So that was centuries ago,” the class clown said sarcastically. The classroom erupts into laughter. DING... DING... DING... The school's bells go off. “Well, until tomorrow folks”, “and don’t forget to study, the test will count for 50 percent of your overall grade,” Mr. Taylor says as he dismisses the class. Sitting at his desk preparing for the student's finals tomorrow, Calvin’s phone rings. “BABY ARE YOU OK”? His wife asks nervously. “Yeah I’m fine baby, what’s going on”? “Turn on the news now!. Please stay inside Calvin” she replies. As Calvin turns on the classroom tv to the local news network, a dark cast of clouds catches his eye outside of the window. He walks over to get a closer look out of curiosity and confusion, “CALVIN!!!” Ms, Taylor calls do to the prolonged silence. “I’m here baby. I’m here” he reassures. 

The school’s alarm sounds as the principal over the PA system tells the students and staff to get back inside and to close the windows and lock all doors until further notice. “Baby, stay right there I’m coming to get you,” Calvin says to Tosha. Calvin exits the classroom, walking down the hall towards the exit to the parking lot. “STOP!!!, GET OFF OF ME!!! HELP!!!!!!!!” A student screams. As Calvin makes his way over towards the sound of that crying student he is ambushed by 3 students and 2 staff members enraged as to be possessed by something. “Mr. Taylor, HELP ME!!!!” the student cries out. Calvin is surrounded by the corrupted. “Baby what’s happening?” Tosha asks out of concern. One of the corrupted student's claws at Calvin’s face as he narrowly dodges it as a corrupted staff member jumps on him knocking him back against the hallway lockers knocking his phone out of his hand. 

The corrupted staff member jumps back onto Calvin pinning him against the locker as 2 corrupted students claws at him, missing his face scratching his arm tarring his blazer. “HELP!!!!” the in distressed student cries out. He kicks the corrupted staff member off of him knocking him back into the corrupted students. One of the corrupted staff members catches his arm. Calvin now aware there’s no way out of this but to go on the offense, takes one step back shifting his weight kicks the staff member in the ribs hunching him forward, Calvin then knees the corrupted in the head knocking him out. Calvin then leaps into a flying kick sending the remaining corrupted staff member into the corrupted students. Calvin races over to the student being attacked. “GET OFF PLEASE” the student cries. As the corrupted raises his hand to deliver a fatal blow, Calvin flips over the back of the corrupted and body slams him into the ground knocking it out. He grabs the student's hand and pulls her up. “Get behind me” he demands the student. The corrupted students and staff members from all around the campus start attacking the surrounding students. Screams and cries are heard all over the school grounds as Mr. Taylor is backed into a corner with a student at his back gripping his arm out of fear and confusion take's them over. 

As the Principal over the PA system frantically telling the staff members to get any students they can to safely and to stay locked behind doors as he is heard being attacked, the schools alarm system becoming louder as the fellow staff members and students cries of distress builds into an unbearable pressure of confusion, Calvin almost breaks from the mental overload when he hears Tosha’s voice over the loudspeaker of his phone just feet from him, “BABY....Someone’s in the house”. Calvin’s posture strengthens and his mind clears as he hears his wife’s voice shaking with fear. At that moment the student clinging to his arm grip tightens, he looks back at the student to see her face pale with black eyes starring at him. He pushes her off of him as a hum of dark vibrations enters the hallway slowly making its way towards him. He is surrounded by corrupted and now a vibrating aura inches away from him when Tosha screams in Pain over the loudspeaker as all power is knocked out over the entire city sending it into darkness. 

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