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DinoLegacy Chapter Two: Christina Hart​​

Updated: May 24, 2020

Thursday 9:30 am Downtown Angel Grove 

“Ok guys two more laps and we’re one step closer to our goals,” Tina says to her CrossFit class. As the class finishes the remaining laps around the downtown area of Angel Grove, Tina gets a notification on her smartwatch. Hello Ms. Hart. This is Principal Mendoza at Little Bright Angel Grove Elementary. We have your daughter Kayla here about an incident that occurred earlier this morning. Please give us a call to discuss the situation. “Damn what did this kid do now,” she says to herself. “Alright achievers, good job guys. Let’s pick up tomorrow with core strength. Have a great rest of the day” Tina says dismissing the class. 

Little Bright Elementary Principal office 10:30 am

“Ms. Hart your daughter is an outstanding student, academically speaking that is”, Principal Mendoza says while smiling. “Kayla is very protective of her friends. One of her friends was being bullied and while it’s admirable to defend your friends... but Kayla smashed his face into a locker”. Kayla looks at her mom and says. “He slapped her ass and said PANCAKES!!!”, Tina looks at Principal Mendoza, “While it was a little harsh, to me... he deserved it”. “Now I think you should have the student who degrades young women in here and not a child who protected another child who couldn’t protect themselves”. Mr. Mendoza cuts her off being stern but respectful, “We don’t condone any inappropriate actions, not violence, not sexual harassment, not anything of that sort”.

“This school is a safe place for all its students and staffers”. “Now the student in question has been spoken to and the appropriate actions are being evaluated”. “So please rest assured that your child and every other child is safe here at Little Bright Elementary”. “Now as for Kayla... This is a warning”, he looks and speaks to Kayla. “I understand you feel the need to protect your friends but we, the adults are here to take care of that for you”. “If you see anything wrong, you come to me or any adult you see, ok?”

He says in a welcoming and smooth tone. “Ok Mr. Mendoza, I apologize for my behavior and I will use better judgment and I will call upon an administrator or other faculty members that I see when I find injustice”, “as future student body president, I will be the best I can be and the best judgment of character”. Principal Mendoza smiles at Kayla with acceptance and gratitude. “Why that’s why you’re one of my favorite students miss Kayla Hart”. “You have a huge one, always standing up for those who can’t”. “Who did you get that from?” He says looking directly at Tina. Kayla looks at her mom and hugs her. As Kayla hugs Tina, Tina whispers in her ear, “A little heavy on the sarcasm butterbean”, Kayla laughs. “Ok Ms. Hart, that’s about it,” Principal Mendoza says while shaking Tina’s hand. “It was a pleasure Principal Mendoza”, Tina replies smiling at him and down at Kayla. 

Walking out of Principal Mendoza’s office, Kayla spots one of her classmates sitting in the corner of the hall. “Mom I know him,” Kayla says pulling on Tina’s arm. The two start to walk over to the student when Tina stops in her tracks, “Hold on baby, something isn’t right”, grabbing Kayla by the hand she starts to look around for surrounding students or anyone. Kayla taps her mom's hand “mom why is it so dark”, Tina checks her smartwatch and sees its dead. So she takes out her phone to see it’s dead as well. At that moment the child begins to rock side to side moaning. “Hey guys I think the school's power is out, I can’t use anything,” Principal Mendoza says walking out of his office. Kayla turning her attention back to the student sitting in the corner of the hallway only to find his gone. Kayla looking at Principal Mendoza, “MOM!!” She screams gripping Tina’s arm. Tina turns around to see the student standing behind Principal Mendoza. His skin pale with black eyes. Mendoza looks down at the student as the student calmly grabs his hand as a vibrating aura rushes over them both. Kayla looks at Principal Mendoza with terror in her eyes, “Mom, what’s happening?” she says shaking.

Tina begins to walk backwards. She picks up Kayla as she slowly looks for an exit. As she approaches a door to her right of the hallway she looks through the door glass window to see students attacking the others. She covers Kayla’s eyes as she looks in fear. Boom! A hand slaps the glass window as the teacher falls to the ground beneath. The vibration from the dark aura starts to get louder as it backs Tina into the wall. “Mommy my head,” Kayla says to her mom. “I know butterbean, I know,” she says stroking her face to calm her. As Tina touches Kayla's face she feels a coldness to it. Corrupted Principal Mendoza and student begins walking towards Tina as the vibrating aura deepens. Tina looks back at Kayla to check on her only to see her cold pale face with black eyes staring back at her. 


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