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Do Power Rangers Need to Evolve?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I think the franchise needs to open up its target audience with a wider variety of content. Let’s take the Avengers for example. They have films within the MCU that targets a larger audience. Then you have its children (ages 8 and below) animated shows that aired/airs on Disney. Then you have the teen/young adult animated shows also airing on Disney and an adult anime called marvels avengers that aired on the G4 network along with, ironman, wolverine, and blade. That one property has a variety of media content that its fans can consume, Power Rangers should be no different.

The Power Rangers have been stuck in this one "Only" form of content for too long. The Power Rangers has a large fan base with 80% of it being full blow adults that are being neglected. Power Rangers can blow the roof off if they explore other media that adds variety to its franchise. We have Power Rangers comics from BOOM STUDIOS that has opened up our minds to something else that most didn’t even know we needed. Now we are hungry for more. The comics gave us a more adult shift in tone and added a missing spark the franchise needed.

Power Rangers can and would thrive with more care and content being pushed under its Universe’s umbrella by upping its live-action show target audience. Adding multiple animated shows that range from TV-Y to PG-13 would be a refreshing change adding a glitch in the matrix. Introducing the fanbase to novels, books, graphic novels, films, animated & live-action shows, video games for mobile & consoles, board games, etc, in a variety of targeted demographics would expand its reach.

We the fans have throughout the years created some amazing content with original films & shorts on YouTube with Unworthy, The First Ninja, Cantadaforce, Ancient Warriors, etc. Online Exclusive Book Stories by yours truly TheRangerVault with DinoLegacy & The Guardians, and much more with Fire Original Art by ArtofTran, Washi, theoriginalmistajonz, and our very own ArtbyQuinn_, just to name a few. We fans also opened up our World of comics with stories by Ancient Warriors, Unworthy, and upcoming series by planet817comics. We are hungry for more & when you are starving, you look for and create your own meal.

It’s time the Power Rangers evolve into a Franchise and leave the comfort of its golden age & step into a modern era. I would get into the Nickelodeon deal thing, but that's for Another day.

Do you agree? Sound off below.

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