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Evil is as evil does.

The similarities between Dark Spector and Maligore are uncanny, they look alike, have similar powers and undoubtly have similar motives.

Maligore is an ancient evil that has to be reincarnated by sacrifices is said to be 1000s of years old.

Dark Spector is the shot caller, he's bigger, badder, and has so much under his reign. He rules over all in Power Rangers in Space, he has complete control. Divatox actually says "he looks like my fiance!" In an episode. He is responsible for capturing Zordon and draining his powers. He's the controller of all evil in the universe at this time

My own personal thoughts on this are that they are related, father and son and maligore who is the elder of the two. Couldn't fight against the rangers and undoubtly lost the fight pretty quick. Dark Spector the younger, stronger verison was able to intercept Zordon capture him and begin destroying him.

What are your thoughts on dark spector and maligore?

Do you have your own fan theory about the two?

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