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Go Go Megaforce

Before you turn the page on this article, hear me out. Yes Megaforce and Super Megaforce was a big fail. Poor acting, the poor leadership. Troy. This season was a disaster yet we all still watched and waited for it to get better.

Power Rangers MegaForce

Whether you loved it or hated it. It was a season we had to endure for 2 years, there is plenty of bad i could talk about but there is also some great things that took place as well. As we all know Gosei was trained under Zordon, and he had his own assistant that was a designed to be like alpha 5. Noah the blue ranger was a homage to Billy Cranston even down to the glasses and character development.

Super Megaforce had every opportunity to make up for where megaforce slacked. One great thing about Super Megaforce was the introduction of Orion the 6th ranger. He was powerful smart and an alien. He had powers beyond belief.


The legendary battle was one for ages it was short sweet and to the point bringing all these past rangers in to fight an army. The story itself wasnt bad needing the help of the past rangers who's powers they had been using. Numerous rangers can back and as fans we were hyped up. The legendary battle was one episode we can all forget. There was so much hype for so little action.

How did you enjoy Megaforce and Super Megaforce?

Did you like the transition?

Was it everything you thought it would be ?

What would you have done differently to make it better?

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