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Gold Zeo

During the events of Power Rangers Zeo, the team finds themselves in a losing battle against the monster Wolfbane. And when all seems lost, a mysterious figure appears on the ridge above, a Gold Power Ranger! He quickly leaps into action and makes short work of Wolfbane and his goons, before they decide to grow big. Piloting his giant zord, Pyramidas, he quickly finishes them off and vanishes without a trace.

The Gold Ranger would return many times to help the Rangers, even combining zords with them if the situation called for it. But not long after, a bounty hunter named Varox appeared in search of this Gold Ranger. Varox hunted and pursued him across the galaxy until eventually the ranger crash landed on Aquitar, Where he is found by the Rangers of this planet (Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers).

It is revealed that the Gold Ranger is named Trey and is the lord of a planet known as Triforia. With the the help of the rangers of Aquitar, Trey is able to make if back to earth. But when he returns his unable to hold together his unity anymore due to an attack by Varox and splits into Three identicle triplets, Trey of Courage, Trey of Wisdom and Trey of Heart.

Because his unable to hold his unity The Treys need to pass on the Gold Ranger powers for the time being. The Zeo Rangers believe they know the perfect guy for the job, Billy Cranston. Unfortunately Billy is unable to receive the Gold powers from Trey due to his body being filled with large amounts of Negative Molecules from the explosion of the Command Center. Luckily Tommy thinks he knows somebody else who could help, and eventually returns with an old ally and friend, Jason Scott, the original Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger! Jason humbly accepts the powers from Trey(s) and takes up the mantle of Gold Zeo Ranger. But not only that the three lords grant the whole team access to a new set of Super Zeo Zords before heading back to Triforia but promising to return for the Gold Ranger abilities once they are able to unify again.

Together the Six Zeo Rangers take down foe after foe of King Mondos army. Not long after though the Gold Ranger abilities begin to fade from Jason, not only his abilities but his Life is fading too. Zordon contacts Trey in Hope's that the unification has been completed, unfortunately that is not the case as the three Treys of Triforia arrive in the command center. With Jason's life fading Zordon had only one other option to have Jason and the Treys using the Gold Zeo staff, ricochet a beam of Gold energy off of Triforia, then Aquitar and return to earth, it might be enough to unify Trey, return the Gold Powers and save Jason's life.

The team and The Treys set out to but were attacked by King Mondo and his army, the Zeo rangers tried to hold off King Mondo while the unification was competed. Their plan worked, and once unified Trey morphed back into the Gold Zeo Ranger and helped battle against the tyrant king. Once King Mondo grew large, Trey used the powers of his Gold Staff to grow himself and the rest of the zeo rangers to Megazord size to battle and finally finish of King Mondo once and for all! Later, Tommy comforts Jason, acknowledging it's hard to give up your abilities but sometimes theres more to saving the world and that no matter what they will be friends always. Jason agrees, then goes off to meet what seems to be his girlfriend and live a happy life.

Fun Facts about the Gold Ranger:

1. Trey reappears as the Gold Ranger again during "Power Rangers in Space" and "Super Megaforce"

2. In the Super Sentai "Chouriki Sentai Ohranger" he is referred to as "King Ranger" and is known as a 'Black Ranger' and not Gold like in Zeo.

3. The Gold Zeo Ranger actually appears 9 years before Super Sentai got their own Gold Ranger. Making Gold Zeo the first ranger to use a color before Sentai did.

4. He's got a kickass theme song lol


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