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"I am the Blue Senturion defender of the intergalatic law!"

Here is what you need to know about the Blue Senturion

Number 1: He is not a Ranger. He is an intergalactic Police officer.

Number 2: He is from the future and comes back to the Turbo Rangers to warn them about the evil alliance and the year 2000.

Number 3: It is speculated that he altered the timeline so instead of the war happening in 2000 it happens in the year 1998.

Number 4: He was captured by Divatox and turned evil. He was an extremely powerful ally to the rangers and she knew he could destroy them. He was eventually turned back to good.

Number 5: He is the first non ranger to have his own Zord. The robo racer. Which was a police car and looked like a police officer after full transformation.

Number 6: He was featured in a video game. In an episode called Stakeout, on Power Rangers SPD it was shown that Sky and Jack were playing a video game in which the one character was non other than The Blue Senturion.

Number 7: In the episode "Honey i shrunk the Rangers!" It was shown that he has a weakness to flies

Number 8: When the Alliance of Evil started attacking, Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger were fighting side by side on Eltar!

What are your thoughts on the Blue Senturion?

Do you have any fan theories about him? Comment below!


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