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Is he a ghost or a phantom?

Here is everything you need to know about the Phantom Ranger

Number 1: He is from Zordons home planet, Eltar. Some fan theories suggest he is related to Zordon and was called to earth by Zordon

Number 2: His true identity is a complete mystery. The only one who truly knows who he is is himself and the people of Eltar. Some say his identity is father and son with Zordon.

Number 3: He came bearing gifts. He gave the Turbo Rangers the Rescue zords. When they lost their Zords to Divatox and General Havoc.

Number 4: Cassie Chan and him had a connection unlike the rest of the rangers she could see him and feel his presence when no one else could. She asked who he is and he replied with "a friend." Before disappearing.

Number 5: Without the Ruby on his chest he will die. He came pretty close to death a few times but with the rangers help he survived

Number 6: His last appearance was in countdown to destruction. Where him and The Blue Senturion fought on Eltar against The Machine Empire.

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