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JJ Oliver

JJ Is the son of the Legendary Tommy Oliver and one of the greatest pink rangers of all time Kathrine Hillard,

In his early twenties he joined the Space Patrol Delta Academy to make a name for himself being the son of an legend. But sadly didn't want to walk in his father's shadow being overwhelmed of the shoes hed have to feel.

He would then go under cover to try and stop this nasty villain calles The Witch. He started by infiltrating a game selling Zeo Crystals that obtained powers from the Legendary Mighty Morphin team. That investigation would be shortly ruined by his father trying to look for him.

He was captured by Scorpina a villian from the past to be sacrificed to Lokar. During his father's rescue JJ used his Father's Master Morpher to become the original Green Ranger.

Zeo Ranger One Pink

(RangerWiki) for the source of infomation.


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