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Hasbro pulls no punches when it comes to action figures! Lightning Collection!

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

UPDATE: now has the preorder available for the Dino Charge Red Ranger that ships this April 22 2019 approximately retails for $19.99. The other figures has yet to be announced with dates, but I am very pleased with what Hasbro has done with this figure so far. The attention to detail is the best we have seen from a toy line centered on Power Rangers. Hasbro shows love for this franchise with the production of this high quality body of work. We at the Ranger Vault are excited to see more from the lightning collection.


On November 17, 2018 Hasbro the toy giant now the current owner of the Power Rangers Franchise, released statements regarding the new line of action figures. The plans for the release lightning collection was discussed during Power Morphicon in 2018. Some of the figures that is speculated to show up are the following:

•Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger •Mighty Morphin White Ranger •Lost Galaxy Magna Defender •S.P.D. Shadow Ranger •Dino Charge Red Ranger •Beast Morphers Red Ranger •Beast Morphers Gold Ranger •Lord Zedd

It is speculated that Hasbro has plans to release figures from Mighty Morphin all the way to Beast Morphers. With matching villians. It was also said that Hasbro has plans for playskool heroes aimed for the younger audience, the collection for the playskool heroes include:

•Feature T-Rex Zords •Mega Mighties •Mighty Morphin Red Ranger •Blind Bags •2 Pack Figures •Morphin Rinozord •Morphin Zords •Feature Wolf Zords •Feature Zords •Morphin Pterazord •2 Pack Tri-Cycle •2 Pack Red/Yellow Rangers •2 Pack Green/Black Rangers •Mighty Morphin Black Ranger 2019 is going to be a big year with more and more announcements.

Who are you excited for?

What team do you hope gets released?

What Rangers are you missing?

Comment below!

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