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Lost Galaxy

The Galactic Space Alliance launched a space colony called Terra Venture in a hopeful search for a world to colonize for its citizens. Across the Galaxy an evil Tyrant name Scorpius has invaded a planet called Mirinoi to search and steal a set of legendary relics called Quasar sabers.

A Young native woman named Maya runs into a portal to find help for her planet, she runs into Terra Venture and across workers Kendrix Morgan & Kai Chen. With Mike Corbett dealing with Leo who smuggled his way on Terra Venture, Later, they all reunite on planet Mirinoi where Leo, Kai, Damon, Maya and Kendricks fights off Scorpius's forces and become the Lost Galaxy Rangers. An angry Scorpius commanded his General named furio to turn everything and everyone into stone.

Leo's brother Mike, gives his life to save his brother and new teammates. Before they could escape the battle, Leo tries to save Mike from the deadly fall, but fails. Mike hands Leo his red Quasar Saber seconds before he falls into the Planets core.

Leo becomes the newest Red Ranger and leader of the Lost Galaxy Rangers. They have control over powerful Zords called Galacta Beasts The Lost Galaxy team fought for the safety of not only Terra Venture, but the Universe. Throughout battles with the forces of evil, the Rangers came face to face with the daughter of Scorpius, Trakenna. After many battles the rangers won the war against evil to go down in history as Legends.


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