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More Power Ranger Video Games?

Over the years we have seen a lot of video games, For myself, my first experience was on the Sega Megadrive or Sega Genesis for the American readers. With the recent news of Battle For The Grid coming out soon, the news got me thinking about having a new set of games and how myself would like to see some games and different styles of games. I've always thought that a street fighter approch would work all the time. It's easy to do, you have your ranger and you go at it, Very simular to how Legacy Wars is and how great that game is laid out.

Power Rangers Mega Battle was another fine example of game play as it held a streets of rage feel to it and that was another type of game style that I could see it all do properly. You have your rangers walking the streets and then putties and other bad guys come to you, this was very similar to the movie game launched on both the Mega Drive/Super Nintendo etc. So what style of games would work well in my eyes, One of the modes that isn't one on one, pvp, street fighter style would be something maybe like Spider-Man on PS4 or Batman Arkham series. Mainly for the way the game play works out to some degree, although the game would have to be changed, maybe everything brought in or more bad guys coming at you, Zord fights might be something different but then it would be interesting to see a lot of different stories happening in Angel Grove or another part of the universe. Getting around the city could be different, maybe having something like the Lupinranger buckles where they fly around or something like that. The combat style of attacking many different bad guys is something perfect for the rangers, You start walking around the city and then putties or what ever starts to attack you and you have to defend yourself, rather than punching all the time you could start countering the moves, have something different in moves like jumping up and using a special trait, or use your weapons in many different ways to suit your needs. The choices are endless, it may take a while to produce them but then we would get a decent ranger game every couple of years.

Even if it's not city based the graphical enhancement would be something to see, I know with Battle for the Grid we can see a better scale than legacy wars but still I would love to see more detailed rangers, something that we've not seen before and something to make us go wow.

So what do you think? Would you like to see something about the rangers in the style of Batman/Spider-Man or would you like to see more ranger games in the style of Streets of rage or Street Fighter? Let me know in the comments.

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