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Power Rangers Ninja Storm

From the absolute beginning, in the short 22 minute beginning, Ninja Storm was crazy. The first episode started off with extreme sports introducing Shane, Dustin, and Tori all doing a very extreme sport, surfing, skateboarding and motocross.

Tori, who both Shane and Dustin said was always on time but made late by her friends. She was referred to as "the reliable one!" The three make it to ninja school and it was shown that they have "ninja powers." Tori can run on water, Shane can walk through the air and Dustin and move the earth.


What is strange about this season is unlike other season it is only Folklore that the powers actually exsist outside of their comic books. Which Dustin is a full believer.

This season of power ranger is under the Disney era umbrella, and they executed the season as a redemption season. There is so much comedic relief, even Lothor (villain) uses sarcasm and witty remarks.

The Thunder Brothers is probably one of the best story arcs in Power Rangers history, living with revenge and a personal vendetta against the Sensei of The Wind Ninja

Academy. Hunter and Blake had sort of the same story arc as Ryan Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue. They weren't under an evil spell, they werent brain washed to them Sensei from the Wind Ninja Academy was the enemy. Until the found out the truth about everything.

In this season they tried to bring some homeage to Billy from MMPR, being a tech genius for the team and becoming one of the best Rangers to date. The Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger. He was powerful, fast, elite, and a big gun for the group of rangers. Cam was one of the best green rangers to date. He also had the best character arc of the entire season.

All in all I would personally give Ninja Storm a solid 8/10.

What are your thoughts on Ninja Storm?

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