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As of February 2021 and January 31st in some regions, Power Rangers will be leaving NETFLIX. Only a few seasons will remain like MMPR, TIME FORCE, NINJA STEEL, and BEAST MORPHERS.

It’s your time to shine DVD player. You ancient technology.

For those of us that don’t own one, our place to watch has been NETFLIX. It’s been the rangers home for yearsssssssssss! and sadly, that’s ending. It is unclear if HASBRO pulled the series or did not renew the contract with NETFLIX This move kinda begs the question?

Does this kill the hope at any original Power Rangers Series or Films NETFLIX content or is this the master plan? To have only HASBRO produced original content.

That being said, there is no word on if HASBRO other shows like TRANSFORMERS, PEPPA PIG, or MY LITTLE PONY (just to name a few) would be pulled.

We will keep you up to date with any more information about this breaking news as it becomes available.

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