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Power Rangers All-Stars by Nexon

The game has been out officially a few weeks now and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. The gameplay is that of an RPG/ActionPG. You take control of 5 characters from many different seasons under the Power Rangers umbrella to fight your way through levels that ends sometimes in a cool boss battle.

The 5 rangers you can take into battle is all up to you and I love that. I love doing my version of forever RED with my favorite red rangers. I’ve even done my version of a forever pink, that was fun. This game give you the Boom Studios Shattered Grid feel though-out its gameplay with help from your imagination. After you play through the games version of a tutorial, you unlock orb missions and that’s the place you earn orbs to boost your characters, also this is the place for ZORD battles.

Zord battles are done in two parts, just like the show you fight on ground level then up to the skies with Megazord Action. To battle in the Zords you must 1st unlock all rangers that pilot that Megazord, for the Mega Zord you'll need all 5 MMPR rangers and for the High Octane Megazord you'll need 5 RPM rangers ect. There are many modes to keep you entertained.

  • Missions

  • Orb Missions

  • Dimensional Rift

  • Daily Missions

  • Dimensional Arena

  • Dimensional Exploration

  • Alliance Raid

Theres also other key factors like

  • ORB Factory

  • Friends

  • Ranger Book

  • Shop

  • Special Shop

  • Research

  • Alliance

All of this content keeps you engrossed in the world of power rangers.

Get your team of rangers and head into battle with Power Rangers All-Stars available now on android and iOS


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