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Power Rangers: Game of Redemption

Daniel “Benni” Williams. A 32-year-old Death Row inmate set to be executed in one week begins to reflect on his life when a commotion breaks out. Prison guards and inmates began to panic as fellow guards & inmates seemingly vanish as lights rain down ripping through the prison's roof in a violent crash. Benni runs from the commissary area looking for shelter when he is knocked down by a fleeting guard. The guard & Benni look at each other for a moment's pause when the cries of a prisoner rang out.

They both turn and see the light crash down upon the prisoner and vroom! He’s gone. The guard looks down at his right hand on the floor as he sees a light forming over it. He then rolls onto his back as he freezes with shock as the roof begins to crack open. Benni pulls the guard from his ankles as the light crashes though hitting the spot his body was narrowly missing him. Benni pulls the guard up as he tells him they need someplace safe to hide. The guard stands there frozen in shock.

Benni shakes the guard. “We need to get somewhere safe” he yells at the guard. He snaps out of it shaking his head. “Over here,” he says pointing towards one of the concrete cells. “Get under that bed” he instructs Benni. “The concrete should protect you,” he says running out to see if he can find another guard. As the prison falls deeper into chaos, Benni spots another inmate crawling slowly in the open area. “Hurry up, get over here” he calls out. The inmate looks over at him with pain in his eyes. Benni crawls from under the bed and makes his way over to him. “Come on man we have to go,” he says trying to help the man up. As he pulls him up, the man grunts while holding his side. Benni looks down to find a knife in the man's abdomen. He pulls the man over to the cell and lays him down on the floor.

As a light crashes down right beside him, Benni tears the guys' shirt open and immediately start gathering the bed sheets and soap from the sink in the cell without hesitation. As the screams and cries ring out, Benni begins wetting a corner of the bedsheet and a towel that was hanging on the back of a chair. “This is gonna suck,” he tells the man as he pulls the makeshift knife out and covers the wound with the dry part of the bedsheet. He grabs the soap and begins pouring it over the wet towel and begins the clean the wound.

“I know bud,” he says to the man as he cries out. “We can’t let it get infected,” he says while turning over the towel and folding it into a smaller square to lay on the wound. He sits up the man onto the corner of the bed as he instructs him to apply pressure to the towel.

Benni then takes the bed sheet and ties it around the waist & wound of the guy holding the makeshift bandage in place. “What are you, a doctor or something,” the inmate says to Benni. As another beam of light crashes through the ceiling narrowly missing them both. The light stops at the concrete bed as it couldn’t pass through. Benni pulls the man off the bed and slides him under the bed. “Stay here!” He says running to the cell doorway yelling out to anyone that can hear to get under the concrete beds and tables if they are near them.

As more lights crash through the prisons celling, Benni yells out again. “Get under the concrete”. As some inmates and guards began to find shelter, he spots a light directly forming above him. The light crashes through the roof as he jumps out of the way just in time.

He starts running throughout the walkways and open areas shouting to everyone to get under the concrete tables and beds as lights rain down. Time slows as he sees more and more people vanish by lights and very few able to take shelter, the shock froze Benni is shaken out by the voice over the PA system telling everyone to hide under the concrete tables and beds and if they can, make it to the solitary confinement cells. As Benni races towards the all concrete solitary cells, he is struck by the light. VROOM!


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