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Shift into Turbo! A Turbo Review

Starting with Turbo A Power Rangers Movie, we have fast cars, amazing zords, awesome morphing sequence and Justin. More on that later.

Everything about the movie was a segway with a low battery, follow me here: Rocky breaks his back, the Zeo powers just up and disappear with no explanation, the command center is completely changed. A lot of things went unexplained but on the great side the movie is actually pretty good especially as a first episode.

We had an adventure through the bermuda triangle, we had the introduction of a new Ranger which made all of us kids jealous. We had new zords, new powers, chemistry between Tommy and Kat. Jason and Kimberly are used against the Rangers by Divatox. Bulk and Skull are brain washed, this awesome movie lead to a let down of a season but thats not the point. The point being after the movie we saw the the rangers we grew up with getting older Tommy being more self centered in a good way working on himself and cars. We saw Justin become an asset to the team. In all aspects of the term, it was a decent team.

With the introduction of the Blue Centurion, a space police officer who not only went up against the rangers but also became an amazing asset to the team. The Phantom Ranger was as mysterious as they come, thousands of fan theorize many identities of this Phantom. Altho a strong asset to the team, we never learned his true identity.

As many mistakes as turbo made and the fact that we almost lost Power Rangers due to this season, moving on but let me talk about my favorite story arc of the season.

Passing the torch. The introduction of Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson, otherwise known as Tj, Cassie Chan, Carlos Vallerte, Ashley Hammond, while Justin stayed the same (blue ranger). This is my favorite grouping of episodes because we see Tommy overwhelmed, beaten down only to be saved by Tj and Cassie. Adam and Tanya getting the help from Carlos and Ashley. Tj was the perfect replacement for Tommy. Chosen by the man himself, proving they could handle the powers and accept the responsibility, these new recipients were chosen to take over the power.

Fast forward.

Chase into Space was by far one of the greatest episodes to hit power rangers. We see the rangers broken and bruised, powerless. This was the first time we saw the rangers really get beaten. It looked like they were going to loose everything before finding out about Zordon, who's been captured. Looking for more power, the rangers enter a space ship at NASA, leaving Justin behind to finish school. The Rangers docks aboard the ship in space believed to be empty, only to run into a masked stranger Andros, the Red In Space Ranger.

Overall I give this season a 5/10. Because of this season, we received one of the greatest seasons to date. Power Rangers In Space.

What are your thoughts on Turbo?

Did you enjoy this season?

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