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Street Fighter Vs The Power Rangers Vs ???

Many moons ago while playing Legacy Wars we were introduced to Street Fighter Characters entering the Power Ranger game, Legacy Wars. Now at the time of this article, I didn't think the game needed them (street fighter characters) and thought that they would make the game bland and unplayable. Over time i've come to like the characters in the game, the main Characters you would come up against would be Ryu or Chun-Li. As a user of Chun-Li, i've come to really enjoy the characters. Now have my thoughts changed on them?.

The answer is yes. I find the characters to be interesting and fun to play with if you get tired of being the same ranger in the game. But it begs to differer, on what will be coming out next for the game, as we get more and more rangers with the addition of RJ the wolf ranger and others, what would happen if more cross overs happened. For myself although I wouldn't like to have any other platform game come in, Fans would love to see what other crossovers could bring following Street Fighter.



1: Beetleborgs

This to me would be at the top of my list, I would love to see them go against the rangers, I wanted this to happen in the series but it didn't happen. Having them in the game would give some extra life and pump it up, We saw Shadow Borg come into the Power Ranger universe in Forever Red but under a different name as well as the Green Beetle borg again, with a different name. But think of it like this, all of their moves could be that of Ghost characters or the monsters in legacy wars, We could always have Hillhurst as a new stage and have it like a street fighter type of animation where people are in the background.


2: Tekken Now i'm not a huge fan of Tekken but it would be fun to see some of the characters come across and add something different. We would be able to have some of the characters meet the Street Fighter gang and have a full on brawl.


3: Mortal Kombat Since Bat in the Sun first had the White Ranger appear in their VS mode, it would be a dream come true for some fans that want to recreate the video and have a beat down with scorpion. Now i know they wouldn't have fatalities but at least it would be interesting to see how the characters would PLAY. However if they're added, do use the real life character VFX from the first game as it would be pretty funny to see.


4: Masked Rider This has to be a must at some point, As he is one of my favorite riders. Dex has to come and fight in the game. This would be EPIC and a lot of fun, I would love to have them all fight each-other. Just having him on the team would be a dream come true.


5: VR Troopers As much as i'm not a fan of them, I think it would be fun to have them in mainly as they were meant to take over for Power Rangers at a point, and to be honest, it would be fun, Although I would only want Jeb the Talking Dog to be in it, I think seeing the metal heroes take on the power rangers would be very interesting and something different. This to me would make the game a tab bit more interesting, thus keeping the game going for a bit longer. What are your thoughts about the cross over in Legacy Wars?

Would you just keep it as it is or would you agree with my thoughts on this one? Let me know.

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