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Stronger than before

Zeo in my opinion, is one of the greater seasons ever produced. The story lines were fantastic Tommy's character arc was MORPHINOMIAL. The gold ranger story arc did justice and had an amazing call back to the green with evil story arc.

In my general opinion Zeo could have gone another 2 seasons. Why you ask? Well from the start the Zeo theme song brings great tribute to the orignal theme song, while bringing in the words "Stronger than before." To all the goodies that come in each episode. From that alone you know this is going to be a great season.

To start it, it's shown that The Machine Empire is fully powerful, with a large arsenal of weapons. Even though they did the exact same thing Zedd and Rita did, they could have used their masses to take over the world. Even though they didnt. If you pay attention from the moment they put the suits on to the last episode, they continued to become stronger than before. In an episode Tommy battles King Mondo toe to toe, King Mondo wipes the floor with Tommy. In later episodes Tommy beats King Mondo pretty bad, suggesting that he was in fact stronger than before. Not only did they themselves become stronger but so did the arsenal of weapons and zords.

Constantly adding to the Zords and other weapons. If Saban would have went in that direction of another season it would have been great, they could have taken it to the extent of showing that the powers became to strong and actually made a decent transition to Turbo.

Zeo is probably a 8.9 out of 10 for me because it felt rushed and didnt give the closure we deserved.

What are your thoughts on Zeo?

Do you have a favorite Zeo episode?

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