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The Guardians

Updated: Apr 17, 2019


An Entertainment Original Story By

The Ranger Vault

Long ago, 12 sentient beings were the protectors of the universe they called The Vault. They were known as The Guardians. The Guardians were responsible for adding balance throughout the Vault, protecting life. “Those who are good, guard against those who do evil”. This was the creed they molded, followed by all in the known galaxies to this very day.

One day, The Guardians felt the presence of a different kind of evil. He was the shadow that lurked behind every corner of space, he was that distant voice of doubt you hear when no one was around. In his presence you could feel the darkness strengthen, surrounding you. His name, The Shadow Lord.

Watching over the Vault, The Guardian of visions had foreseen a darkness that will test them in every way. Not the time or day presented itself, The Guardians prepared. The Shadow Lord found a weak point of Guardian preparation to bypass all security measures into The Vault, once inside he searched galaxies before finding The Guardians. Knowing that one day they would be tested, The Shadow Lord was in for a fight.

Showing his true merciless strength, he single handedly defeated and captured as many Guardians as possible. Leaving behind 6 of the 12 beings responsible for preserving the Vault they once held, is now threatened. The Guardian of visions in his dying moment had one final sight...

A familiar presence, One The Guardians have known.

In his last breath his words echoed, “Those who are good, guard against those who do evil", "Darkness will consume no more”. The remaining 6 Guardians took special meaning of their fallen guardian words and summoned all of their life force into a powerful attack that vanquished the Shadow Lord into a place unknown to any, the Shadow Realm.

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