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The Guardians Chapter One: The New Guardians

OFF WORLD: Guardian Command Base

“Where is Series RED”?…. “Do you copy”?…. “Series YELLOW, do you copy”?…

The Overseer said from the Guardian Command Base (GCB).

PLANET EARTH: Downtown Los Angeles

“Series RED are you ok?”, “Dammit Isaiah!, answer me”. (Larissa) Series Yellow stated.

As the surrounding buildings began to crumble around Series YELLOW, she is pushed to safety by Isaiah, Series RED. “You missed me uhh,” Series RED said with a smirk. “Why didn’t you answer me asshole” Series YELLOW shouted Out of concern. “Y’all done?” Series BLUE (Mark) asked, “Hey, we’re about to take some heavyweights in about … OL say… NOW!” Series BLACK (Dillion) SCREAMS in panic.

“TAKE THEM OUT NOW!” The Demon Traxton commands the small army of Shadows. “lets move” Series RED commanded. The team of guardians ran back into a broken-down building just north of their Guardian Ship called the Series Waver. “You can't hide, I can smell your fear,” Traxton says. The army advances towards the Guardian team opening heavy fire from hand blasters and cannons. As the Guardians began to fail under the pressure of enemy fire, Traxton is blasted by a HELL-FIRE of blast from the Series Waver. As the army of Shadows turned to return fire on the Series Waver, the Guardians leap from the rumble and began their assault. “Mark, Dillion… DELTA” “Larissa you're with me, BETA” Series RED commanded. 

Series BLUE and BLACK jumped up into the sky in a cross pattern as Series RED and YELLOW slid under them in an opposite crossing pattern slicing upwards with their Guardian blades as BLUE and BLACK shot down with their Guardian blasters STRIKING the army with the combination of attacks called the Guardian Special, FINAL ATTACK. This powerful blast sends the army of Shadows flying in all directions as the power cuts through them with ease. The Guardians make their way towards the Series Waver hovering over the battlefield. As the bay doors open, the team jumps in.


As Series YELLOW makes her way into the bay doors, Traxton catches her foot. “Going somewhere,” he says slinging her out of the Series Waver back onto the battlefield. “Larissa!” shouts Isaiah. Just as the Guardians tried to leap out of the Series Waver, Traxton RAMS the ship in the tail-end sending it crashing into the building in front of them. Traxton turns his attention back to Series YELLOW only to find a flying foot from Larissa’s boot to his face. “Going somewhere” Larissa sends back with a condescending tone. AhhhhHHHHH! The Demon Traxton screams as he launched an attack with a swift swipe from his sword aiming at Larissa’s head. Larissa dodges the attack, WHAM! her left fist strikes Traxtons face as her right knee hits him in the stomach hunching him forward. She swings her left leg over Traxtons head as she sweeps underneath him launching him up with her right leg, Traxton's soaring body is now at the mercy of Larissa’s Guardian blaster. Blam! Blam! Blam! Larissa is unleashing hell with continued power blast sending him flying higher and higher. 

Seeing Traxtons airborne body, the Guardians and the Series Waver moves into position to deliver a final attack when Larissa jumps into the air matching Traxton’s hight, “Guardian Strike” she states as she crashes down with a thunderous right fist lit up with the force of her very being onto Traxton sending him falling to earth like a meteor from the heavens. “Damn girl,” Series BLUE says from the Series Waver. “Let’s try this again,” Series PURPLE (Tommy) says from the cockpit of the Waver. With the bay doors open, Larissa jumps into the Series Waver nodding at Series RED with confidence, “Glad you're ok” Isaiah says sounding relaxed. “let's go” he says to Series PURPLE, “Yes sir” he replies. 

Activating Hyper Transport Mode (HTM) the ship begins to rumble and shift as if being hit by turbulence. “What's going on,” Series BLUE asks. “I don’t know” Series PURPLE replies. “I do,” Series BLACK says confidently. “Our HTM system has been knocked out of place”. “How do you know?” Series YELLOW questioned. “Catch,” Dillon says. Catching the tiny motherboard that controls the power output and directional drift of hyper transportation. “So what do we do now,” Larissa asks. 

“Can you hear me?, Larissa, Isaiah, Tommy”…, “Can anyone hear me”. “YES! YES! We can Overseer” Series RED says. “I don’t know what was blocking the communication, but its good to hear you Sir”. “Series PURPLE, I’ve been listening and now aware of the damaged HTM, Do you have a direct line of sight to clear skies for teleport,” says Overseer. “Yup,” Tommy replies. As Tommy opens the bay doors so they can exit the Waver for teleport, Traxton stands guard, ready to attack the Guardians. “Ready for round 2” Larissa states. Without warning Traxton lunges at the Guardians, with a powerful slice from his sword powers by a dark aurora, the Guardians narrowly dodge his attack jumping from the Series Waver as its sliced in half. “That was my favorite ship, BITCH” yells Series PURPLE. “You did it now” states Series Blue. 

Traxton lunges towards the Guardians with such force, the ground crumbles underneath. In that split second, Series PURPLE flies up with a spin turning 360 degrees, mid-turn the guardian staff appeared slapping Traxton in the face sending him flying backward. Series PURPLE catches the staff & what looks like a strike of lightning, throws it at Traxton before any one of them could hit the ground. The force of the powered-up staff that struck Traxton was so tremendous, that the sound and beam of light from the impact could be seen and heard for miles. Tommy lands on the earth beneath him, backlit with smoke and fire from the battle at hand as he and the other Guardians stand in concert. 

“Ready for teleport” Series RED express to the Overseer. “Transport Active,” the Overseer says.

A beam of light, breaking the sky open, rained over the Guardians as each color represented lifted them off into the heavens. As the guardians teleported away the body of The Demon Traxton laid lifeless as a shadow not his own, moves underneath and around him, sucking his essence deep into the earth leaving only the vessel.


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