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The Morphin Grid Crystals​

The Morphing Grid is made up of many crystals, each broken up into classifications, Ranks.

Rank 1: The strongest as it’s the crystal making the most contact with the raw energy.

Rank 2, 3, & 4: Encased in an outer shell in trios, these crystals are of shared power. They are strongest when together.

Rank 5: These crystals are rare and have untapped potential as they are buried under the grid. These crystals are only created by the grid when the other 4 ranked have matured. Rank 5 crystals can directly affect the power levels of the other crystals by enhancing their Morphing Grid energy intake.

The crystals taken from each rank will be formed into power coins that the bearers can harness.

The coin bearers are chosen with the most purest in heart and will from different planets across the vast universe. Each bearer has been given a coin that represents their traits.


Rank 1 Red: Strong and Wise. Squad lead.

Rank 2 Blue: Strategic and Honorable. Squad strategist and tech support expert.

Rank 3 Black: Powerful and Kind. Squad stealth infiltration lead.

Rank 4 Yellow: Empathetic and Confident. Squad communications expert.

Rank 5 Pink: Welcoming and Tough. Squad ambassador and weapons expert.


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