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The Power and the Beauty!

Over the long 26 year run of the Power Rangers, we have seen woman in all shapes, sizes, colors, and religions. Woman are a vital part of Power Rangers, in honor of the brave woman who have led teams, fought monsters and made every little girl watching learn they are amazing, this article goes out to you.

Here we have of some of the female rangers who have played a very vital part in helping the rangers succeed.


1) Kimberly Hart, the original, gymnastics champion, gifted student and all-around tough girl. Through the trials and tribulations the rangers endured, she turned out to be a very strong woman who took on monsters all of her own!


2) Cassie Chan, what else can i say SHE SAVED TOMMY OLIVER! I mean she was brave, smart, witty and made a connection to the Phantom Ranger. She proved herself plenty of times over her run on Turbo and In Space.


3) Jen Scotts, now this woman right here is THE LEADER of the time force power rangers. She was everything you wanted in a leader for a time traveling power rangers group. She knew she was the best leader and gracefully gave Wes the chance to lead the team. Jen is a force to be reckoned with.


4) Lauren Shiba, ladies and gentlemen this was our first look at a female core teams Red Ranger. She's powerful and disciplined, she had earned the red ranger uniform! She is fierce cunning and strong. In Power Rangers legacy wars she is such a strong playable character.


5) Udonna, a mentor, a ranger, a wise woman who often takes leadership in directing the rangers on what to do. Udonna was a powerful mystic, and a valuable member of The Mystic force.


a powerful shout out to all the women rangers who have fought hard and led teams. Another shout out to the woman in law enforcement and the military for creating a safer world for us rangers.

Who is your favorite Female power ranger?

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