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The Power Morpher

Power Rangers has had a continued successful run throughout toys, games, movies, live shows, and comics. Power Rangers has been a staple in the kids live-action genre for years. With huge colossal assault vehicles known as Zords and powerful weapons at their disposal, the rangers have become an unstoppable force in the battle against evil.

Of course to activate these amazing feats, they have to use a transmorphing device called a Power Morpher. The Morphers are directly linked to the power rangers source of power, the Morphin Grid. The morpher acts as the key to the door that is the morphing grid. Each morpher is tied to a specific rangers DNA and their specific power set that has been bestowed upon them by the morphing grid.

The Rangers when chosen by a mentor, are given these tools as a way to defend the earth from the forces of evil. Morphers have come in many forms, belt buckles, wrists watches that transform into wrists changers, wands, alien looking guns, ninja stars, and even sunglasses. The most common are the wrists changers and cellphone morphers. The cellphone morphers are the most practical in my opinion other than the sunglasses, but I'll get to those another time. Everyone has or have had a cellphone. They are the number 1 way of human interaction and social connection though all medias in this day and age.

The rangers secret identity is key to their safety as well as their loved ones. So the rangers morphers must be discreet in order to keep them hidden from the public (for the most part) and forces of evil. The cellphone morpher is hands down the smartest way to walk around town with a device of unlimited power that's compacted into what everyone on earth assumes is a normal cellphone.The rangers are always ready to defend with their handy dandy morpher in hand. With so many morphers the rangers have used, what are some you would like to see them use that we haven't already? Shoes, backpacks, gloves, earrings, headphones???.

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