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What is DinoLegacy, & Why you should check it out?

Updated: May 24, 2020

DinoLegacy is an original story that takes place in an alternate universe under the Power Rangers umbrella. Produced by The Ranger Vault, this story follows a new team of Rangers chosen by the Morphin Grid. DinoLegacy is an online exclusive story being released in biweekly chapters ending the experience after 5 chapters finishing that volume. Volume One is out now. 


Years have passed since the space witch Rita was defeated by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the world was once again a calm and beautiful place. The MMPR team was no longer needed so they laid to rest their powers and began living their lives. 

Kimberly Hart, the Pink MMPR, started her training as an Olympic level gymnasts who soon became a world-class Olympic Champion. While competing she met the love of her life, a fellow gymnast and started a family as well as opening up the Hart Gymnasium where she and her husband coached up and coming talent. 

Billy Cranston, the Blue MMPR, developed technologies that improved overall fuel economic efficiency became the head of NASA’s research and development for exploration. There he would raise the ranks to become the administrator. 

Trini Kwan, Zac Taylor, and Jason Scott, (Yellow, Black, Red MMPR) all were sent to Switzerland for a peace conference by their leader, Zordon. The 3 stayed there for sometime before returning to Angel Grove as they were named ambassador’s for Peace by the world’s summit. 

They all embarked on their political careers, started families in their own right. With Trini becoming the D.A (District Attorney) for Angel Grove, Zac and Jason continued on the path of Uniting the world’s government in creating the Peace treaty to end future wars. 

The children of the Rangers went on to be successful in their careers, starting their own families, living in a world without fear. For years the world was safe from extraterrestrial threat, but that will soon come to an end with a new threat called the Vibration comes to earth looking for the nexus to the Morphin Grid. If it succeeds in gaining access to the Grid, it could destroy the universe itself. 

The Morphin Grid senses this threat and calls upon a new team of Rangers to defend itself. With the previous team now taking their rest, the Gird calls on Ryan Kwan, Calvin Taylor, and Christina Hart to stop this Vibration before it can gain access and destroy. 


Follow the DinoLegacy as their story unfolds only on Follow the hashtag #DinoLegacy on all social media.

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