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What Power Rangers means to me...

Power Rangers to me is my childhood, wait… it was more than that. It was and is like a parent or guardian to me. The power rangers as a whole taunt me self-respect, loyalty, friendship, self confidence, trust, empathy, and much more. I grew up in a rough part of California which means all I saw the majority of the time, was violence and negativity. School was just as dark as my neighborhood.

Like many of us, I was bullied and didn’t really have a positive outlook on how to deal with it. As my self worth began to fade I came across a show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that had kids just like me (a little older than me lol). These were 5 kids that I saw everyday in my school. a popular girl everyone loved (Kimberly), her best friend (Trini), the cool sports guy (Jason), the nerd (me/Billy), and the dancing black guy (Zac).

Zac Trini. Jason Kimberly. Billy

Seeing these kids go from not knowing each other to becoming close friends, had me project myself into the “nerd” guy Billy, and the “dancing cool black guy” Zac. Seeing these polar opposites become friends gave me hope that I could become friends with the cool guys in my school. Power Rangers was the escape I wanted and the teacher I needed. Still to this day those small details about friendship and trusting ones self, helped groomed a little kid with low self esteem into a self-loving amazing man (if I do say so myself lol).

💙. 💛. ❤️. 💜. 🖤

Thank You Power Rangers for showing me that I “CAN” be a cool ass superhero with glasses.


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