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What Power Rangers means to me

The meaning of power rangers

To me the meaning of Power Rangers is waking up on a saturday morning with my grandpa, who is in the kitchen making breakfast. Its the feeling of being with someone that is important. The meaning of Power Rangers is keeping your friends safe. Power rangers taught me no matter what be there for your friends even when youre frozen with fear. Is doing something out of self preservation and integrity. Not just doing it for selfish reasons.

My life has been shaped from the power rangers. One of many reasons is being a good person and having intergrity by doing the right thing. My grandfather who introduced me to the show passed away a little over a year ago. He was the golden standard of being a decent human being. He was loving and forgiving he was my zordon of eltar. He taught me many things in life but my love for the power rangers comes from him.

Thats what power rangers means to me.

I Love You Always


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