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Why is the Ranger Slayer So Popular

Kimberly The Ranger Slayer

If your not familiar with the Ranger Slayer it's the Coinless version of Kimberly from Mighty Morphin, In the dimension where Tommy Oliver chose to become evil and still serve Rita until he betrayed her, Anyway i'm starting to go off topic. With the Ranger slayers entrance in Boom Studios Go Go Power Ranger Issue 8 everyone wondered who it was. I thought it was Rita at first becoming good or taking on the form of the Pink Ranger, With this she became a fan favorite next to Lord Drakkon, When it came to the reveal of Kim being the Ranger Slayer this was something different, we had only seen on evil ranger in that universe and that was Tommy and even in the series of Mighty Morphin then this was the same, Evil Rangers were a thing and they were cool. But why was she cool, why this made such an impact to many people, The main answer is her attitude and also it's slightly different than normal. The Ranger slayer was one of the own original rangers that was sent back in time and was able to take out the rangers quickly because of her evil side and her, Also mainly due to what she has been through in her dimension as well, this wasn't the high school Kimberly we have known in the comics leading up to this or even the start to Kimberly in the Go Go Power Ranger series. This was a person that has gone through a lot of things and has to survive, At the time she wasn't just a Power Ranger she was a Power Ranger survivor and on the run. When reading though things she reminded me of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games but slightly more bad ass. The Ranger slayer is something different than most, her attitude has changed, her powers look different and yet she stands out a lot. Recently she has a new team of Power Rangers which was very unlikely lot of Rangers and is now going up against the Solar Ranger who has suddenly appeared in the comics.

To me i find that she's a very interesting character, she had her own mission and she was keeping to it more than anything, she had turned up like Tommy and was on a mission. Also if your playing Legacy wars she is in the game and is a decent character once you get to know her. I think out of all the female rangers she is one of my favourites and i can't wait to see how they progress the character much later on and see what they do with her So tell me what did you think about the Ranger Slayer? Is it a character that you would love to see more?


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