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Will Hasbro move on from JDF?

We all know that Jason David Frank is one of the most popular rangers within the franchise, He's been many different colored rangers, mentored a team, returned in different seasons for team up episodes, and recently had a graphic novel about him, Now if you had not read Soul of the Dragon, I implore you to. It's worth a read. But the main thing I'm thinking about is will Hasbro move away from JDF and focus on another ranger? Now it's not a big surprise that when JDF came in as Tommy, everyone loved the Green Ranger so much that he was asked to come back etc. With a lot of marketing and focus from the creators, it made Tommy Oliver a huge hit. But what if Hasbro wanted to make any other ranger as big or bigger than Tommy?

Would it be easy to do? And the answer is yes with the right amount of publicity, either with a future actor or a past one. Marketing these days can make you love or hate something if done right, If they put a lot of time and effort into someone else they could easily make them the focus and the limelight as they move forward. If Hasbro decide to move away from the past to some degree then they might keep JDF on but then focus on something else. So far we've had so much stuff going around the actor. As mentioned before Team up's, Comics, Games, and even most of the Legacy Line from Bandai.

With this if Hasbro shifted their attention to someone else then I think the fandom its self would like it as most of us have either MMPR fatigue or Tommy fatigue. NowIi know JDF makes money for the franchise as in slap a Tommy figure or something out there and people will buy it left, right, and center. Now if they put enough time and effort into someone else then I would imagine they could become as big as JDF/Tommy then we could see something new and interesting? Personally I think they could make someone else bigger than him with enough time, this I would like to see more mainly due to the fact there are so many amazing rangers out there.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you say the someone would become bigger than JDF/Tommy or that no one would be able to touch the center stage that JDF is on? Let me know in the comments.

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