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"Zords smords, we'll crush em like roaches!"

Each season and every movie, we see the colossal assault vehicles known as Zords. Zords are an absolute necessity in Ranger life. Monsters grow to the size of skyscrapers and the rangers call out to the Zords.

Over the coarse of this article we are going to discuss my top 8 favorite Zords. Disclosure there is order in which these zords appear in my favorites.

1) Tyrannosarus red dragon thunder zord

When called out for this zord you saw the power, standing tall in warrior mode he went from a red dragon to a humanoid machine that was capable of withstanding much damage before calling out to the other zords. Piloting this zord was Jason And then Rocky. Introduced in after the dino megazord was destroyed the left over pieces were usex to construct the thunder zords.


2) Predazord Power Rangers Wild force

Combining the brute strength of the Wolf wild zord, the alligator wildzord and the hammerhead shark wildzord. First time in ranger history a zord was compiled of three zords and one pilot. This zord is versatile and had a comeback story orignally piloted by Zen Aku, then later the lunar wolf. Also had a couple modes it could transform into one of them being the Predazord double knuckle megazord. The black bear wildzord and the polar bear wild zord replace the hammerhead zord and the wolf zord to create a battle mode. Another is the Predazord spear mode where the giraffe wildzord would replace the hammerhead wildzord to create an enlongated spear for combat. This zord was quick, and full of redemption.


3) The Shogun megazords

This was actually my favorite out of all the megazords in Mighty Morphin for the simple fact that these zords were an upgraded version of the ninja megazord. in every sense of the term modeled after the ninja megazords, the Shogun zords when combined, looked like a samurai. a more disciplined opponent than a ninja. The five zords that made up the Shogun megazord were powerful within themselves. A versatile enemy to the bad guys. Had many weapons to choose from.


4) White Tiger Zord

There was nothing better than sitting there saturday morning and hearing WHITE TIGER ZORD BATTLE MODE BATTLE READY NOW! Then Ron Wasserman took over and the music created such an awesome tone for the show. Back to the topic. Tommy lost his powers as the green ranger, came back as the white ranger and got this amazing zord. A one tiger army. This zord held up against the best of enemies. Controlled by Tommy and Saba, the White tiger zord was a beast in almost every aspect. In animal form was a formidable ally and in battle mode had some of the best weapons.


5) Zeo Red battlezord

This zord was interesting because Billy designed it over with the same technology that the aquatians used to make it a psychicentic technology making it one with Tommy. He had to concentrate to make the zord work the way he needed it to. If he wasn't concentrating he wouldnt be in control of the zord. One of the best zords that came from Billy Cranston. Tommy became stronger than before when he would actually concentrate on the task at hand to run this zord.


6) Zeo Megazord

Yes I know two Zeo zords right after Each other but this zord was amazing. Using all of the powers from each of the zords. The 5 rotating battle helmets were awesome. Zeo had all sorts of weapons and a varitey of different weapons to help the zeo megazord. I loved the zords combined to create this zord as well. They were all a great combination of assault weapons, and powerful machines all surging off of the zeo crystal these zords just like the rangers gradually got stronger than before.


7) The Galactabeasts

Wow these zords were cool. The first time in the series that there was Sentient zords. until combined with the transdaggers to become the Galaxy megazord. The fact that the introduction to these zords was a morphonomial entrance. The fact that the zords were completely capable of fighting without the help of the Rangers is just an amazing concept.


8) Serpenterra

Destroyer of worlds this Zord was piloted by the one and only Lord Zedd. This Zord was huge towarded over the megazord! What more could an evil overlord ask for than a colossal dragon!

What is your favorite zord?

What movie had the best zords?

Comment below!

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