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Power rangers master force

Season 2

Alan Bruns



Leo Benjamin is the oldest of the group & the Savior of the Multiverse, he is Hard-headed, Strong, Courageous, and many more. Leo is the son of Nikolai Benjamin, The Black Masterforce Ranger. Leo is the second Gold Ranger chosen after the purification of the Gold Ring from Zaviox. Leo is now fully grown and is the Gold Ranger as well as the Leader of the NextGen team of Rangers. Leo has trained immensely to fight off a new threat, one that has been prophesied since he and his team were chosen. Leo & Eric’s love has spanned over countless timelines, destiny has brought them to the ends of the Earth and back, & nothing will get in the way of their love for one another. Now with a new goal, Leo fights hard to make sure that another dark future never surfaces again and that nothing will ever harm the love of his life Eric. Will Leo be able to lead this team of misfits and save the world like his father and his team did before or will he falter? Tune in on June 11th, 2021 to find out.


I won’t let those memories become a reality. 

I will never let him leave my side. 

I will be the leader I'm meant to be. 

I will keep the high ground


- Leo Benjamin

Leo Benjamin

Kristopher N Heaton

M.O.R.R.I.S. serves as this team’s ‘Tech Wizard’ as well as in a ‘big brother’ type role helping the team with his expertise while in and out of battle. M.O.R.R.I.S. carries on as the team’s Blue Ranger, as well as being the second Blue Masterforce Ranger. M.O.R.R.I.S. was first introduced as the creation of Nikolai and Fletcher (The First Blue Masterforce Ranger) named Mechanically Orientated Robotic Reactive Intelligence Software or M.O.R.R.I.S. for short in S1 Ep 13 entitled Golden Venom Pt. 2 Song of the Serpent. M.O.R.R.I.S. tries every day to prove that he is not a Robot but in fact a Human, this has proven difficult in past experiences but He has come a long way and nothing seems to have slowed him down.


I am not a robot, I have feelings. 

I am human but I am not the same. 

I can and will not see the team falter. 


- M.O.R.R.I.S


Ty Brunner

Jake Clark is the Goofball of the group serving as this Team's “Comical Relief”. Jake is the successor to Nikolai Benjamin, the second Black Masterforce Ranger as well as the adopted child of Nikolai. Jake is ‘go with the flow’ type, but underneath all that goofiness and humor is a young man training to show the World & the Morphing Grid what he is capable of, why he was the best choice to wear the Black Ring. Jake is friends with this team’s Pink Ranger Zeek of Eltar, and even though he gets on Zeek’s nerves the two are inseparable. 


I will be the best I can be. 

Maybe one day I’ll see what the grid sees in me. 

I have to protect the ones I care for the most.  


- Jake Clark

Jake Clark

Kyle Crider

Sasha ‘Rat’ Ratcliffe is the youngest of the group. Sasha is the Daughter of the previous Red Masterforce Ranger Tyrus Ratcliffe and the granddaughter of the First and Second Yellow Masterforce Rangers Kyle ‘Rat’ Ratcliffe and Angela Ruth Kingston. Sasha believes that she should have been chosen to follow in her father’s footsteps as the Red Masterforce Ranger. This creates conflict between her and this team’s Red Ranger Annabelle Dakon. She also may have taken a liking to Jake, The team's new Black Ranger but will never let him know that.


Shadows will not scare me. 

Sasha: I will face my fears. 

Determination will be my guide post to victory. 


- Sasha ‘Rat’ Ratcliffe

Sasha ‘Rat’ Ratcliffe

Samantha Ajab

Zeek of Eltar serves as this team’s ‘Loner’ type. Zeek is the successor of Cerberus ‘Dax’ Dakon, the first Pink Masterforce Ranger. Not much is known about this young Eltarian, just that he loves his Motorcycle named Megan, and that he is best friends with Jake the Black Ranger. Zeek is also dealing with problems that deal with his adoptive family will his past come back to haunt him?. Zeek’s goal now is to try and restore the broken legacy that was left behind by his predecessor.


I am the outsider. 

Emotions are not an easy thing for me. 

I will have revenge on all that is evil. 


- Zeek of Eltar

Zeek of Eltar

Aidan Kennis

Eric Viridian is the second oldest of the group, he is Funny, Confident, Level-headed, etc. Eric is the son of Alpha 13 & Malcolm ‘Mac’ Viridian, The Green Masterforce Ranger. Eric is the successor to his father Mac, the first Green Masterforce Ranger. Later on Future Eric alongside his true love Leo and the rest of the original team helped take down some of the team's most dastardly Villains such as Lord Drakkon, Zaviox, Tomas Oliver, Omegus, etc. and restore the Multiverse. Now Present Day Eric is fighting as the new Green Ranger only second in command to his confidant Leo in this new team of rag-tag misfits. Eric is the fiancé of the team’s leader Leo Benjamin, Eric fights every day to make sure that Leo never sheds a tear again, even if it means it costs him his life. Eric also serves as the pillar in his and Leo’s relationship, keeping Leo grounded only letting him get the ‘high ground’ in certain situations.


I will fight, I will fight, I will fight, I will prove my family proud.

I will never let anything make him cry again. 

I will defend him if it means my life.  


- Eric ‘The Headbutt’ Viridian



Jim Bourke

Annabelle is the third oldest of the group. Annabelle serves as this team’s Red Ranger being the successor to Tyrus Ratcliffe. Annabelle is the daughter of the previous Pink Masterforce Ranger as well as the comedic relief Cerberus ‘Dax’ Dakon. Throughout her life, she has had many struggles that come with being the daughter of the team’s ‘mess up’. Even though this causes her problems both mentally and physically she fights past all the negativity and shows that she is not one to be messed with. 


I am not my father. 

I will surpass his legacy. 

I will show the world how strong I am. 


- Annabelle Luna Dakon

Annabelle Luna Dakon

Sabin Schumer

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June 11, 2021

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